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Lemmy Content policy on violence (

5.0.6: No visual content depicting executions, murder, suicide, dismemberment, visible innards, excessive gore, or charred bodies. No content depicting, promoting or enabling animal abuse. No erotic or otherwise suggestive media or text content featuring depictions of rape, sexual assault, or non-consensual violence. All other...

I wish plant based diets could be made easier for people (than they already are). I also wish people were more open to the concept of fortified foods or supplements.

This is something I think only vegans can understand without it turning them off veganism. Pls don’t think I’m arguing against veganism because it’s quite the opposite. I’m identifying what I view as the biggest obstacle to mass adoption of vegan/plant-based diets: Availability of nutritious plant-based foods. However...

Can we identify as animalists?

The words don’t seem that common, but I think ‘animalist’ or ‘animalism’ put the focus back on animals, similar to ‘feminist/feminism’, and more accurately describe what veganism means to me: a moral stance supporting animals. It somewhat confuses me that there isn’t a simple term to denote full support and...

Veganism is a way to see things more clearly without doing the tiresome mental gymnastics of justifying your part in the status quo.

Throughout the past decade, I have gone throught the process of eating animals and feeling patronized by people saying that maybe I shouldn’t, to being a vegetarian, to being a vegetarian with a strong preference for vegan options whenever possible. While this lifestyle is quite convenient, I am considering to go all the way....

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