TonyStew, avatar

Ordered Sunday evening, and it updated early today to "Packaged Items".


Ours got shipped yesterday at night I think. It says it will arrive tomorrow. We ordered 20ish minutes after the launch in Canada. LE.

Sleevezipper, (edited )

Ordered the 512 model a few hours after launch. Will be delivered tomorrow in the Netherlands 🎉

edit: Delayed by a day so Thursday :/

edit 2: Delivered! It’s awesome.


I ordered the Limited Edition as soon as I could get past the store errors, and it’s out for delivery right now! Unfortunately I’m out and about, but look forward to playing it soon.


Ordered ~30 min after release, 512 Oled. Just delivered!


Ordered 20 minutes after release. Tracking label was generated today, so I am assuming it will be shipped today.


512 OLED ordered 22 mins after launch in Canada, it was shipped (still label created when tracking with FedEx) about an hour ago now.

Eggyhead, avatar

512 OLED ordered roughly an hour after it became available online in the EU. "Out for delivery" as of noon today, (Netherlands don't mess around) but it's nearly 7pm now and I'm wondering if the DHL delivery man is actually going to bother showing up today.

JaxiiRuff, avatar

Packaged, not shipped yet. LE ordered around 30 minutes after they were available.


UK, 512gb ordered 20mins after launch been stuck on packaged since Saturday. Just got a tracking number this morning but not active yet and coming from Netherlands so expect it to take a few days yet.


I ordered the LE many hours after launch and it is shipping now. Will be here by November 27th! So stoked


Just checked UPS status after reading others’ posts here, and sure enough mine is slated to arrive Wednesday by end of day! 1 TB non-LE


LE. Got it in my cart right away but ran into issues and got to finish the order about 45 minutes later. Shipped and scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!


LE, “packaged items”.

In cart at 10:00:03a checked out 11:26a after an hour and a half of issues, out of stocks, and other miscellaneous errors


Shipping notification 11/21 @ 12:41am - label created! Someone working late??


I tried to place my order a couple minutes after it went live but wasn’t able to successfully place it until several hours later. Tracking info says it should arrive tomorrow.

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