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You can now vote for Best Game on Steam Deck Award



Resident evil 4remake is def game of the year.


I voted for the best Steam Deck Game to be was Melatonin its just chilled.

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Top 20 games played on Steam Deck in the past month(October), sorted by playtime.



Cheers! Have fun 😁, my own favourite puzzle game of all time is The Witness


I’m surprised to see monster hunter world up there over rise. Also D4 over Grim Dawn.

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The game looks ok, but you’re just kinda spamming at this point? 🤷‍♂️ This is just an advert, not really a discussion.

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🎩 Killer Chambers, the claustrophobic platformer in pixelart, is now available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Itchio and Xbox!

🔥 Play Killer Chambers!

@itchio @steamdeck

jordanlund, avatar

Looks like… a platformer version of bullet hell?

villagebench, avatar

@jordanlund Exactly! 😁

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Top 20 games played on Steam Deck in the past month, sorted by playtime.



Not really the point either is it? It’s about technical ability, not what the image says.


I wish it would go on sale… ever. I’ve bought it multiple times across several platforms now, I really don’t want to spend $60 trying to get all the DLC on PC

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