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25 FPS default to 50 Hz instead of 75 (OLED)

I was exploring the fps and refresh rate slider and I realized that when setting the framerate limiter to 25, the refresh rate was incorrectly set to 50Hz on the OLED version, when the 75 Hz setting would be a more appropriate setting, for the same reason 30 fps is at 90 Hz and not 60 Hz. Anyone else seeing the same behavior? Is...

[FIXED]How do I adjust the screen color while streaming from PC?

I’m playing Station to Station, Cyberpunk, and Miles Morales currently. I’ve noticed when I stream from my main rig to the Deck the colors are drastically different from both what the game looks like natively on the SD and my rig’s own monitor. I’m curious as to what gives, and how/where to fix it....

[Discussion] Ubisoft Connect on the Deck (

So, my personal experience of the installation is been a bit complicated by the tutorials i’ve find on YT. Basically I was stuck in the part where after the installation you need to change the directory (or add a new shortcut) for the launcher. Many video didn’t explain that or use a previous version of the OS with slightly...

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