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So if you were to require a natural 100 you would have to:

Roll a d20 requiring a natural 20. Followed by another d20 requiring at least a 16.


Why is that?


Rolling a 100 on a d100 has a 1/100 chance.

Rolling a 20 and then higher than 16 also has a 1/100 chance.


Probability of rolling natural 20 is 1/20 and to roll over 16 is 4/20. so (1/20)*(4/20)=(1/100)

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blaze it ahuhuhuh


Look at this gambler acting all mathed up. 😔


I also ask them to decide it to be rolled over or rolled under.


I like to roll a d4.

4 - Adlib an outcome that is favorable to them, beyond all reason. With my players, sometimes this just means nothing at all happens. In these cases I’ll use anything to make it work out for them, from divine favor, to a key NPC breaking rank “I always loved you guys!”

3 - They achieve what they hoped for, and as many weird (but reasonable) side effects as I can think of also happen.

2 - As little happens as is reasonably possible. Often, with my players, that means just 6d6 fire over a 20ft radius. Often after having whatever they tried misfire first, only to have them try again.

1 - I unpack a nice handful of d12 and roll for blast radius, save DC and damage.

Modified, of course, for the situation.

Specific damage on a 2 or 1 should - like anything they couldn’t reasonably prepare for - be attention grabbing, but unlikely to be lethal. A 2 should as anticlimactic as reasonably possible.


I’ve been going with something similar to this approach, with the number of sides on the die representing probability of successful outcomes.

It makes the game a little more random and a little more fun.

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