OpenStars, avatar

Worst. Ferengi. Ever.

(Quite a compliment if you ask me:-P)

agimus, avatar

It’s obvious you’d say that, you’re a hoo-man!

OpenStars, avatar

Thank you for that compliment in return!:-P

ummthatguy, avatar
Wodge, avatar

That image isn’t helping.

ummthatguy, avatar

If you know, you know… some pretty depraved shit.

ummthatguy, avatar


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  • ummthatguy, (edited ) avatar

    Well, it’s certainly given some Londoners a tower.

    The reality. (Safe wiki link) The San Francisco Armory is a complex formerly occupied by kink(dot)com and donned “The Kink Castle.” Investigate further at your own risk.

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