Mr. Worf, prepare photon torpedoes…


Don’t use any website that has messages like that. I don’t block ads because I don’t wait to buy new products. I block a wide range of content that’s privacy invasive and sometimes malious

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I find it super weird that the only time we see any in-universe ads (not counting Lower Decks) it’s:

  • A dead planet where an arms dealer used to operate and their holographic sales program was still running
  • A single TV ad made by Quark on DS9 (that he illegally broadcast by hacking the communications system or something)

I would think that every Ferengi ship would just be a giant holographic billboard for Ferengi products and services. We even see Ferenginar a few times and there are no ads anywhere. Not even in the FCA building. But they do make a point of showing off how you have to pay for everything; including visiting a person’s home.

“Welcome to our home. Place your imprint on the legal waivers and deposit your admission fee in the box by the door. Remember, my house is my house as are its contents.”


I mean, for all we know there's ads all over the place in different languages than english and different designs than we're used to.

We know there's other ads cause of Sluggo Cola: The slimiest cola in the galaxy.


It would be absolutely on brand for a ferengi to have a 30 second ad before each communique.


All Ferengi coms really should be an ad-encrusted nightmare: trailer before session, banners and popups during, ad breaks, and then a trailer at the end. Oh and a prompt, either manual or automated, to dismiss all ads for a subscription fee or an expensive one-time fee.

But with that recent paywall joke in LD, maybe that’s on the way?

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Fire all forward phasers!


Screw that! Photon torpedoes, full spread! Target their warp core.

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Not explodey enough. Jettison our warp core at them, fire torpedoes at it when it’s about to hit.


You found the Shaxs joke that eluded me!

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

If you go 1-Shaxs you miss all the wonderful jokes (like yours) in between


It’d be nice to block URLs of sites with intrusive popups and.adblock popups. I hit back as soon as it happens, so it’s not like I use them.anyway. removing them from search results and.sucj would save time.


🎶Come to Quark's, Quark's is fun, come right now, don't walk, run!🎶

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That’s what Quark sees when he tries to call Moogie. Quark won’t accept any advertising in his bar except for his bar.


Quark won’t accept any advertising in his bar except for his bar.

So Disney Channel rules, then? I remember in 2008 when I was visiting a friend and their kid sister was watching Disney, and after about an hour or so of it being on in the background while we hung out that I started to notice that the only things advertised on the Disney channel were all things owned and operated by Disney or a Disney subsidiary.


Vertical integration, baby!


Same with Amazon Prime.


That’s more so amazon can claim they aren’t commercials, but previews to upcoming shows you might enjoy. Though I suspect that within 18 months there will be amazon shopping adverts based on your shopping history. “Check out this overpriced dropship item even though you already purchased a similar product 6 months ago and don’t need two!”


Isn’t this advertisement just horrible? Does it make you want to claw your eyes out? Pay up $20 per month to remove HALF of them! Thank you for always trusting us to do the right thing!

(not related to star trek, I just fucking hate ads and advertisers)



Disney channel has zero commercials here.

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