unconsciousvoidling ,

This game any good ?

Balinares ,

I would very heartily recommend it. Go in blind.

What you’ll be getting into is a horror game wrapped around a spectacular sci-fi thriller that starts with a strong idea, and then explores it to the depth of its most uncomfortable ramifications. It’s the sort of game that’s not very long, but absolutely sticks with you for a long time afterward.

The horror elements can be disabled if that’s not your jam, and it’s a testimony to the strength of the writing and atmosphere of SOMA that even so, it’s still a chilling and unforgettable game.

all-knight-party OP ,
all-knight-party avatar

I agree with what Balinares said. It's good horror, more importantly, it's genuinely good sci Fi. I enjoyed it on the little bitch setting where the monsters can't hurt you, lol

MentalEdge ,
@MentalEdge@sopuli.xyz avatar

I’m just gonna echo the other two.

Look up nothing. Just play it. It’s a game that makes me go “damn, that was some good shit” merely remembering it.

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