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I run RPG games for my friends. I create a new vault for each adventure. I typically create document folders like: locations, npcs, objects, events, rules, notes.

For common stuff that I use in every adventure, I just copy those files and folders into the new vault from the most recent old vault (the rules folder, for example).

I love how lightweight and simple this is in Obsidian.

I use links where it makes sense to me, and I don’t worry overly much about link counts or the graph view. (I use both, I just don’t stress over it). The tool should work for me, not vice versa.

I don’t use plug-ins, but I do use style sheets and game specific fonts. Autohotkey is also great for making repetitive and/or complicated formatting easier. Getting the fonts embedded into the first project was a technical nuisance, but now I just copy that into every new vault.

Watching YouTube videos made by Obsidian power users, I’m super impressed by the things some people do with it. But I prefer keeping my workflow fairly simple. If I spend too much time messing with the tool, that feels counterproductive to me.

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