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pna, German
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I am using @obsidianmd local so no synchronization. But if I would decide to enable synchronization hosted by the wonderful people of , the price is keeping me away. 8$ is not appropriate. Way to much.

I love Obsidian and the people behind, but not their pricing policy.

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Then syncthing is probably what you want. It’s not a cloud solution, it directly syncs content between devices you connect. And it’s free.

Good luck, no matter the solution you land on!

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If you use Cryptomator (free and open source), you can transparently encrypt all your data before it arrives in the cloud.


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I would like to help this Obsidian Community/Magazine to become more active as it seems like people like looking at posts from it but not many people create posts. What's your favourite thing about the Obsidian community?


i know nothing about the community. I’m just here because of Tris.

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@SamXavia People in the community tend to be kind, helpful, and passionate. It’s a very diverse crowd, and though it skews toward tech pros and enthusiasts, they’re very welcoming and patient in assisting non-techies.

I like seeing people’s takes on things, whether related to or not, and how they make Obsidian and other tech work for them, then borrowing whatever is useful to me.


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Are there any or apps that can list the full names of files, on multiple lines, on a narrow screen? Landscape orientation helps, but it is not the solution I’m looking for.

Is the only one I’ve found so far that can do this.

All I want is to be able to browse the full text of long file names, in a list, in an app that doesn’t take 5 minutes to start up (I’m using iCloud for syncing Obsidian).


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@ellane @obsidianmd That’s yet another Obsidian feature that makes it hard to use anything else once you’re used to it. Being able to read the whole file name seems so obviously better that it’s mind-boggling that it isn’t the standard way of doing things in all apps that manage files.

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@ellane @obsidianmd

IA Writer seems to show files on iOS as you wish after you navigate to the right folder.

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Anyone want to write me some to make the traditional writer's reminder of missing information, TK, show up prominently in wherever it occurs within a long text?

I'm thinking sans serif bold small caps, nicely letter spaced, maybe in light orange. Like Medium does it. Doesn't have to be offset to the side, just a nice visual blip to catch one's attention in the flow of the text.


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@ellane @obsidianmd I’ve looked at it for 30 minutes but no luck. Working with Obsidian's Codemirror 6 is harder than I thought! I hoped to fix it with some neat Typescript and Regex, but that didn’t work.

I’ll see if I can do something helpful using only CSS.

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@ellane @obsidianmd Would this work for your, Ellane?

I can make it more fancy, stand out more, if you like.

It would require you to “span” it. But that could be done with a template or so.

<span class="tk-highlight">TK</span>


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Finally seriously looking at Sync.

Where should I store my vault on my ? I feel so lost! For years × ∞ I've put everything in Dropbox or iCloud, but that, I hear, is a recipe for sync troubles.

  • looks at computer as if for the first time, confused expression on previously confident face *

Why is my Documents folder greyed out? Where am I? Who am I ?? Help me, obi-@obsidianmd, you're my only hope!

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@ellane @obsidianmd Oh this confirms then. Hmm I need to research more. Not working always as expected doesn't give us confidence, right?

The suggestion that someone gave in your thread about syncthing... I read that mentioned somewhere else before too if I remember correctly. I think I will try this solution sometime, since it seemed well recommended.

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@kurau @ellane @obsidianmd I use Syncthing successfully, syncing mac, pc and android phone. I run 2 vaults, sync everything to the pc and sync main vualt with mac and a separate small vault with the phone. You do get some workspace json or similar conflicts (this happens in any sync situation imo, I used to get it with Evernote notes quite often) but if you resolve those by selecting the one you want via date or time or device etc, it works very well.

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@obsidianmd @obsidian what is the latest on the WebP bug?

gelberhut, (edited )
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what is the latest on the WebP bug?

What do you mean?

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could you give any more info regarding that WebP bug? Because by you mentioning this community !obsidianmd this shows up on lemmy without any context)

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Ok, trying this thing out.

First off: Can you hear me?

If so, can someone help me with trying to turn an vault into propper so I can put it on some website and have other read them? Links includes, of course, all that stuff.

I've toyed with but all it outputs is ok-ish looking text, zero html functionality, particularly no links.

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@bob_wiley thanks. I had seen this already, but I'm kinda not in to pay $8 a month to publish some stuff that in all likelihood 2 people will glance at and go 'neato' and never give it a second look. ;)

Besides, I do already own a few domains and servers, so self-hosting feels natural :)


I’m using Quartz 4 for publishing my notes, it supports every feature because the author made it for Obsidian.

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If I didn't already have 5000 files formatted in a completely different way, this new 'properties' feature in would be a total game changer.

@obsidian @obsidianmd


I am the moderator of this group and started it on a whim during the Reddit exodus. I am no longer using Obsidian for reasons I don’t wish to get into and have nothing to do with Obsidian (it’s awesome).

Would you, or someone you nominate, like to be named as a moderator?

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What makes property do a total game changer from your point of view?

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Just bought the @macsparky field guide. Really looking forward to watching it. I suppose I should make a note to watch it 😀


@obsidianmd @obsidian

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$99 for a generic obsidian guide? Not the best onvestment, these kind of overview (or better) are available on YouTube.


When I clicked through I was thinking more like $8-$10 bucks (price of an on-sale Udemy class). But $99? Yikes.

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I had my first @obsidian issue today. I have been using it years. It has been flawless.

My iMac would hang loading the workspace. I removed the vault and re-synced. That fixed it. I was fine on my other Mac and would open fine.

I then pinned a note on the iMac, and Obsidian would hang. The workspace then hung again when I re-opened. Very odd.

#Obsidian @obsidianmd

aerique, (edited )
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edit: I've so far found DecSync CC on @fdroidorg: https://github.com/39aldo39/DecSyncCC which I will test in the near future.

=== original post ===

Are there any utilities that sync contacts and calendars to a local file?

Like does for notes? Which I can then sync using .

@obsidian @obsidianmd @kepano

@pyyny@mas.to avatar

@aerique Dunno about calendar, but SMS Backup & Restore has been my go-to app to ensure that my contacts and texts get synced, as I change phones every four weeks (and Android oftentimes doesn't transfer everything over).

It outputs both contacts and texts locally and also supports automatic cloud sync of said files to Google Drive.

@obsidian @obsidianmd @kepano

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Thanks to @idle @Dakspyker for pointing me at the Tag Wrangler plugin for


So all this time I had the tag pane disabled (!) and had totally missed the "list of all tags by frequency of use" list, which has prompted a certain amount of cleanup and tidying to at the minimum try to fix single-use tags. Tag Wrangler helps that effort.

@obsidianmd @obsidianmd


Yes, I really think periodic review is important for getting the most out of a notes collection. Tag review is a great way to do this. Looking for ways to recategorize notes or merge tags under a hierarchy means reviewing.

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@kizu@front-end.social avatar

@vasilis @obsidianmd Yep, I did mention it in the post — I want to see both the markdown formatting, and the embeds, with links working as usual, etc.

In the “Source Mode” I have to press cmd when going through links, and I cannot see any images and other embeds.

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@kizu @obsidianmd Oops, sorry, didn’t read careful enough.

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Just bought a commercial license for . Had a good read of the license terms and realised it's the right thing to do. @obsidianmd

I like that they're using an honour system for this. I could have kept on using Obsidian while justifying it's (mainly) for personal use, but the fact is, I'm actively using it to earn a living in my company and with my writing.

Thanks, @kepano, for trusting us! Simply expecting someone to act with integrity without forcing them to, is a powerful thing.


These kinds of posts are useful reminders. A similar one last year is the only reason I know to pay for Obsidian. I started using it for personal stuff… and when I’d started using it for work I’d forgot on (if I ever knew) that it needed a commercial license.

@SamXavia@kbin.social avatar

@ellane It shows how an app should be ran, thank you for sharing your experience with this.

@ellane@pkm.social avatar

Just bought a commercial license for . Had a good read of the license terms and realised it's the right thing to do. @obsidianmd

I like that they're using an honour system for this. I could have kept on using Obsidian while justifying it's (mainly) for personal use, but the fact is, I'm actively using it to earn a living in my company and with my writing.

Thanks, @kepano, for trusting us. The guilt brought about by simply expecting someone to act with integrity is a powerful thing.

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