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Clerkle, in Search google for obsidian gardens
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I didn’t migrate to the Fediverse to be shown links to Google sites.

pivic, in What is the main thing you write on your Obsidian Vault?
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I use Obsidian for different purposes:

  • my digital garden, handled via a plugin and GitHub
  • technical writing: I work as a tech writer so I use Obsidian for research and to review my writing against a number of frameworks and style guides
  • create presentations: nothing spiffy, mainly using the built-in presentation functionality
  • note-taking in meetings: I take notes of everything, from screenshots to screencasts to audio. Everything is searchable through the Omnisearch plugin
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I also use more than one vault:

  • cooking recipes (read-only, used for reference, contains all recipes from Paprika, a recipe app)
  • Microsoft Writing Style Guide (read-only, used for reference, synced from the official Microsoft GitHub repo)
  • Tasks and everything synced from Readwise; I read and review books mainly for publishers so it’s super handy to keep book notes and when to publish what in the same space
  • dumps from projects with a lot of text that allows me to use the vault as a kind of database
bowreality, in Looking for a URL Bookmarking Solution with Obsidian

Oh Omnivore for sure!!! It’s a reader app so you send it there. Read, highlight and it sends the highlights to Obsidian. It can also handle newsletters and RSS feeds. Did I mention it’s free?

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@bowreality @Calixthe Really fun thing to come across a repost of my Lemmy comment on my Mastodon timeline.


That actually looks very promising so I set up my account, linked it to my Obsidian vault with the API key and everything but when I try to fetch articles, nothing happens. It says it fetched them successfully, but I have no idea where they are. All the settings for the Omni plugin are default. I’m still very new to Obsidian, so I’m probably overlooking something, however I could not find my problem addressed anywhere yet. Got any idea how to set it up correctly or what I might’ve overlooked?


Did you go in the Omnivore plugin settings to point it to a folder? I just created a folder called “Omnivore” and it drops all into that folder.

Edo78, in Looking for a URL Bookmarking Solution with Obsidian

I use a self hosted Wallabag but I still have to test the Obsidian plug in github.com/huseyz/obsidian-wallabag

laroquephoto, in Looking for a URL Bookmarking Solution with Obsidian
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@merikus I've heard good things re Raindrop, but I just wanted to chime in to let you know your initial instincts were right: you can absolutely use Shortcuts and the share sheet to send information to Obsidian. In fact, since Obsidian is all plain text files and markdown, there's a ton of things that are possible via Shortcuts.

I've written a couple of post about this in the last year (in case it helps):

Have fun :)


These are very helpful blog posts, thank you.

I skimmed the posts and saw some shortcuts about sending Things links to Obsidian. Is that the post you’re referring to? It seems that method can be adapted to a regular URL, but I’m curious your thoughts.

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@merikus Good :)
And yes, that post uses the same basic building blocks—it's just more elaborate. Here's a screenshot of a simpler shortcut I use to save URLs to a dedicated note. You could add an Ask for Input field to enter a comment when you share, and add this variable to the main Text block (just below the dividing line, for example).

Sorry about my terrible handwriting...!

P.S Get Title and Get URL are part of the Get Details of Safari Web Page block


Appreciate it!

bigredgiraffe, in Looking for a URL Bookmarking Solution with Obsidian

I have been using the app Raindrop for this function, the integration for obsidian is awesome. Raindrop also lets you highlight and tag your bookmarks and it saves those into obsidian as well. The share function through the iOS share sheet is really great too, you can categorize and add tags right then too, definitely recommend it in general. Site is raindrop.io

I don’t think you need a subscription for most of it, maybe the highlights, I pay for one for the permanent library feature and so it will stick around so I can’t remember but they do have a free option.

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Which Obsidian plugin are you using for it? Is it this one: github.com/…/obsidian-raindrop-highlights-plugin


I had to go and check and it seems I am actually synching the highlights through Readwise currently. I kept switching back and forth, I have used that plugin in the past and I remember it working well.

ETA: I also use Readwise Reader and it is awesome, I have to check out this Omnivore app that someone suggested though!


I also use Raindrop for general bookmarking! It’s not open source ir anything, but it’s free option is excellent and I think they still have a standard export option 👍

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Wow! Thanks a lot! So weird, I’ve used all kinds of bookmarking services and built my own with the Dataview plugin in Obsidian… This is very easy. I can confirm that the sync part works without a Raindrop subscription.


Awesome! I also have used a bunch and Raindrop is really good at organizing lots of links which I thought they all were until I found it hah.

tomodachi94, in What is the main thing you write on your Obsidian Vault?
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@SamXavia Zettelkasten-PARA-HTTSN parody. I wrote about it here:


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@tomodachi94 Thank you, I'll check out your blog post when I have some time, heard of Zettelkasten and would love to hear your take on it.

Kassan6ra, in What is the main thing you write on your Obsidian Vault?
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I use mine as a dream diary mostly. I can make links with different dreams having similar vibes and taking place in the same fictional places.

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That sounds really nice. Glad you found a unique use for your Obsidian

DmMacniel, in Less than week into my new Obsidian Vault (GRAPH VIEW)
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Data is beautiful

What is this vault for?

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@DmMacniel I use it to sort out my workload, I work on Video Editing so that get's organised inside of it, I help with a local organisation so that is through it (or at least my notes are) as well as data from things that I watch and stuff so that I can write notes.

Now that I'm using Folders to sort it out such as my main;

  • Daily (Daily Notes)
  • People (Notes about People)
  • Resources (Different Links, Quotes, Shows, ext.)
  • Templates (Templates)
  • Topics (For my main topics I work on writing such as Fediverse & my company)
    These really help and I'm glad I have found a system that seems to work for me at the moment and because it's organised I should be able to adapt it in the future for my needs.

Have you checked out the PARA system?


I paid for the audiobook and listened to it a few times through (it’s short and dense). Like all systems, I don’t follow it religiously, but it’s a useful base.

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@grabyourmotherskeys Thank you, I will check it out as haven't heard of it before but maybe it will help me have a good base.


tiberius, in What is the main thing you write on your Obsidian Vault?
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I have a few vaults for TTRPGs. They are structured like a wiki.

My main vault contains all my personal notes on everything excluding TTRPGs.

dipshit, in What is the main thing you write on your Obsidian Vault?


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@dipshit Any Fancy Ones?


I’m fond of obsidian. If I put 10 of them together and use a flint and steel I an go to hell. I love going to hell.

(real answer: work shit)

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@dipshit You might need to find some special demon rods to help you get to heaven. (Fair enough)

SamXavia, in How do you organize resources for a given topic?
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I've been trying something new with Folders

  • People
  • Resources (TV Shows, Movies, Games, Articles, ext.)
  • Topics (My Company, Activism, Fediverse)

Hey, thanks for sharing. I am also trying a folder structure for things I know should belong in a folder, like notes on a project.

INeedMana, in Professor’s Discrete Math notes on Obsidian
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How did they do the interactive graph on each page? That’s nice


If you're using Obsidian Publish,

Publish has an option “Show graph view” that “Display[s] a small local graph on each page.”

according to this Obsidian help thread. I can't verify the accuracy of this because I do not use Obsidian Publish.

For just your own notes, there's https://help.obsidian.md/Plugins/Graph+view.

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Ah. I was afraid that it might not be available on mobile but it seems this is only for Publish. 🤷

Good news is that I’ve found local graph which can be pinned. At least that

Emotional_Series7814, in What is the main thing you write on your Obsidian Vault?

I have separate vaults.

  • One for academic notes
  • One that serves as a “miscellaneous personal stuff” vault that helps me remember stuff, but that nobody but me would find useful unless you were stalking me or were trying to buy a gift for me. It has a page dedicated to stuff I remembered and spent an hour+ trying to find again, so that I can find it more easily in the future; a page for rating stuff I bought at the grocery store so I remember which ones I liked and which I didn’t; a page with the locations of this or that important document like my taxes; a page with the knitting patterns I’m working on and where I last left off; a page with the exact hex codes for my favorite color… stuff like that.
  • One for my creative projects: Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, notes for two games I want to make but may or may not actually bother to get off the ground…
Clasm, in What is the main thing you write on your Obsidian Vault?

I’ve got a couple of world building vaults kicking around.

One for a steam-punkish floating islands world and one for a pokemon-esque post-post-apocalypse world.

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