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How do you organize resources for a given topic?

I am researching a few topics, like AI and work from home, and I am trying to figure out what system would be best. E.g., I may find some news articles, or journal papers, or reports, and so on, on a topic I am interested in. One option would be to create a note with the topic name, say "AI, and then just put the links into the...

Dashboards/Visual MOCs with Obsidian Canvas (lemmy.ml)

This is the last in a series of articles, including Freeing Your Thinking and Building a Knowledge Tree, where I talk about using Obsidian as a non-relational database. The main idea is to interact with information, not files, and Obsidian’s core plugins facilitate this approach. I have talked about Search, Bookmarks, Unique...

Obsidian Bookmarks: Building Knowledge Trees (biscotty.online)

Bookmarks are the key to effectively using Obsidian as a non-relational database. The virtues of approaching your notes this way are several, and I covered some in Freeing Your Thinking. In this article, I explore using Bookmarks to construct flexible, interactive Knowledge Trees to organize the information in your vault (not...

Simultaneous device use-case sync question.

I would like to use my laptop for note taking in class, and use an android based e-ink tablet for handwriting and diagrams. What are your recommendations for delivering the tablet’s notes to the vault? Obsidian on the tablet with first party sync looks like a possibility. What about another app that can use SyncThing or...

How do you personally use Obsidian?

I go against recommended practice and have different vaults for different things in my life. The academic note vault is separate from the personal vault is separate from the creative projects vault. I have also committed sacrilege by not having many notes linked to each other. I’m trying to migrate a lot of notes from Google...

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