I just hope we don’t cross paths again.


They followed it for 2 minutes and asked again for directions


So that’s where the bermuda triangle comes from!

atomicorange, avatar

I got there just in time! Thanks again for your help!


I got two streets mixed up and sent a couple to the wrong side of town. My family asked me why I did that. I asked them why they didn’t speak up, they were literally next to me, did they think I was pranking them? The street the couple were looking for is nearly opposite our house!

unreachable, avatar

narrator: “they all lost”

LogicalDrivel, avatar

I still think about the guy i sent in the complete wrong direction about 15 years ago. He was dressed up, so he must have been going to something important. Sorry dude!


Contracting cable internet in Chicagoland was an experience. Everyone gave cardinal directions, no left or right nonsense. Everyone could walk you to their front door from anywhere. Also, they were excellent drivers.


One of my High School teachers told me that when someone asked him for directions and he didn't know the way he'd just make something up because it made the person so happy and he liked how they smiled at him, all trusting.

What does it say that he was a teacher. Also: What does it say about me that he was my favorite teacher?


Means you learnt a lot of BS from him.

Blackout, avatar

How long does it take to walk from New York to Europe? Cause she wanted to go to times square but I sent her to London instead.


I just live when people ask me directions to a place we are right next to. It literally has a massive sign.

Tourists are really funny sometimes. I don’t mind helping others out but it would be nice if they would actually look around and read the signs.


sonder be like


When I ask for directions, it doesn’t take me too long to ask the next person.

But since smartphones, I barely ask anymore. Once my phone acted up so I had to ask someone. He was like “don’t you have a smartphone?” and when I explained my situation, he took his smartphone to look up the way

RandomStickman, avatar

I sent a poor woman on the wrong bus before getting on the bus she needed once. I realised way too late, right before I passed the place she wanted to go to.

I hope she's OK. I've been given the wrong direction since, so I guess my karma have been restored lol.


I once sent a family on the wrong train but then it turned out that train went the same place they wanted to get to anyway (and I know their ticket was valid for either). I’d have felt so bad otherwise, they were so panicked already.


Well that depends, did you give them GOOD directions?

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

Oh god no


Oh, you used Apple maps.


Wait. We can do that?


It’s technically allowed in most states

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