There’s still tons of video game streamers. In fact, even if 10k titty streamers join the site, that doesn’t push even a single video game streamer out.

There’s a market for both things, and neither thing is eating the audience of the other.

This is all just stupid neo-puritanical pearl clutching.

A woman showing her tits on twitch isn’t going to hurt you, or anyone else.


You know, I don’t get offended or anything. But it’s impossible to mute / block streamers, and there are some particularly annoying offenders which I just don’t want to see when I open twitch. Just give me the option to filter that out and I won’t complain again.


A filter is an entirely reasonable request

Fyurion, avatar

Every single time I go to watch a clip theres a ton of random partially naked people in the useless recomended section under the clip. I wish I could turn that off


Never have children, lil bro.

Sheeple, avatar

Oh he has higher chances of procreating than you do


Only a corporation would be so completely uninterested in the experience of users that they wouldn’t have a way to mute or block channels. Honestly they should be ashamed they don’t have that feature, how long has twitch been around?


There’s a block functionality that any user can use and iirc if you block a streamer they will be filtered out from your recommends/etc

Helps to clean things up if you wanna hide the usuals you aren’t a fan of


This reminds me of when I used TOR to check my Facebook account after so many years. It was constantly throwing random almost-explicit-but-definitely NSFW pages at me.

"Where did these come from? Did I accidentally subscribe at some point? Oh they all say “suggested for you.”

Can you turn off “suggested for you”? Lol no. That’s how they force ads on you.

My findings concluded as expected: All the people I knew in highschool are living their dream lives somehow, my grandma’s still into weird rightoid conspiracies, and FB is a dogpoo platform I don’t understand how anybody still uses lol.


Well, on Twitch and YouTube and Reddit, I’m settled.

On Twitch, I never visit front-page. I follow the channels I follow.

On YouTube, I watch the subscribed channels (and recommend videos. If good, I follow).

Reddit, I don’t visit All or Popular. I have the subreddits I wanna follow.

On Lemmy, it’s so new that I haven’t found all the places, so I go to All on Local and see what’s up - like I do now.


Yeah, I do a similar thing with youtube and reddit. I am interested in communities of humans I like curating content and conversations. I am less interested in a robot doing so, even if it wasn’t a crap advertisement and engagement robot.

I am interested in the humans and I find it infuriating how often these websites try to shove what the robots want me to engage with down my throat while hiding access to the humans/communities I am interested in so I always have to click through to see it.


Yeah for that reason I just have my YouTube subscription download and go to my plex server so I don’t have to deal with ads or algorithms and we have a discord channel where we share interesting videos so I find a lot of my content that way. For reddit I just stopped going there after the exodus except when doing searches and I can’t find what I’m looking for I’ll add reddit to the search query to see the comments and hope there’s an answer there


Just a reminder that Twitch only shows you lots of booby streams if that’s what you’ve been clicking on. Much like Tik Tok and Instagram.

Voyajer, avatar

Or if you sort by view count instead of recommended


Nope, it also recommends streams based on what other people watch from the channels you’re following, it’s not only based on your viewing data. Other aggregates like generally what’s popular might get thrown into the mix as well.

To test this create a fresh account, follow Asmongold & let his streams run for a while, after some time the recommendations are going to be full of booby streams.

It’s kind of a running joke at this point that if you watch him you’re going to get booby stream recommendations because his viewers are degens.


That’s why! Once in a while I watch one of his streams for a bit when he’s playing something new. Every single time I watch, I come back a day or two later and I have booby streamers in my suggestions. I’m not even remotely interested bc gay. I always have to remove the suggestion but it’s a losing battle. They come back. You’d think twitch would actually cater to only what you want to see.


You will get occasional recommendations but they won’t fill your home page as many complain. You can. Also click the dots and tell them you’re not interested in a recommendation and then you get less of them.


But I like boobies

Fubarberry, avatar

I haven’t used twitch for years, and have only used it for esports streams back when I did use it. I’ve never watched a booby stream.

I just reinstalled the app, logged in for the first time in years, and my top recommended stream is called “2 GIRLS 1 SHOWER” and has a topless girl with a white bar over her boobs. The game category is listed as “art”.

Fubarberry, avatar

I haven’t used twitch for years, and have only used it for esports streams back when I did use it. I’ve never watched a booby stream.

I just reinstalled the app, logged in for the first time in years, and my top recommended stream is called “2 GIRLS 1 SHOWER JUMPING JACKS” and has a topless girl in the shower painting white boxes on her arm. The game category is listed as “art”.

Angry_Maple, avatar

I don’t get some of these comments. You can want to avoid random nudity without bring a prude or jealous.

I’d argue that a LOT of people are not interested in seeing 99.9% of the population naked, and there should be nothing wrong with that. I don’t care what they look like. Sometimes people just don’t want to look at rectums.

The mindset of “you have to be happy about unexpectedly seeing a stranger naked or you’re a prude” also doesn’t sit right with me.

I would have just stopped using twitch, personally.


Maybe growing up in a warm, costal area makes it more common, but young women just wear similar outfits to most feminine streamers where I’m from. They usually aren’t making a statement about it, it’s just hot outside and they don’t mind showing off. It’s normal.

Some streamers do embody the meme. Some focus cameras on their ass. However, feminine streamers aren’t the majority, and most of them aren’t even that sexual. On a whole, men have more viewers, with almost every top streamer being male.

Part of why the discourse around sexual streamers seems so prudish is that they don’t dominate on twitch. There are a few popular ones, but women don’t even dominate the site; there’s just more of them than in the past. Most feminine streamers aren’t sexual. People see what they want to see.

The only male streamer ever suspended for showing his bare chest was crossdresser. Masculinity is normalized, so femininity is othered.


dude, i’m just saying that there other places for noon-gaming stuff and those people are invading a site that was born for videogames. but then, i’m not using twitch for quite a while now since the homepage was taken over by IRL streams. I just opened (not logged in) a minute ago and in the homepage there’s a dude sleeping (with the name of the stream “i’m only sleeping” wtf??), one deejay, someone cooking and a saxophonist…

that’s 4 streams out of 8 in the homepage that have nothing to do with gaming.


Non gaming streams have their own categories, and they certainly add value. Everyone loved the Bob Ross stream when it started, but now there’s something wrong with cooking or musicians? Some people who come for the sax player might get into games. Twitch has problems, but adding variety to their streaming platform isn’t one of them.

There aren’t less gamers on twitch because of non gamers. I don’t even think game streams have suffered much as a whole.

Angry_Maple, avatar

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about telling other people how to dress or what to wear. Not at all.

To be honest with you, I don’t really go on twitch. When I made my comment, I had some of my earlier experiences with lemmy on my mind. I just turned off nsfw in my app settings though.

My main reasoning was so that certain things didn’t show up when I was showing something else to family, or if a coworker saw my phone over my shoulder. There are some jobs where you really don’t want your boss to see certain things, but most other forms of slacking off are ok.

For me, it wasn’t even about anyone’s chest. It was not wanting furry porn haha. They really should have thought about this before instating it.

Now people will be upset regardless of what they do.


It’s the internet post-2014. If you have simply never heard of someone’s particular flavour of BDSM kink before, they take it like you’re attacking them.


The prude subcurrent on Lemmy is apparently massive. You honestly are being hardly inconvenienced by boob streams and yet it deserves and inordinate amount of complaining. On a real impact basis, you are far more impacted by video games you aren’t interested in than boob streamers.


Not interested is very different from disinterested or disgusted.

YeetPics, avatar

This single image really rustled your jimmies huh?


You don’t post when your jimmies are rustled?

YeetPics, avatar

Almost exclusively. However I try not to post about foreign jimmies being rustled if mine are equally rustled.


I’m not following, can you explain the foreign jimmies being rustled?

YeetPics, avatar

Jimmies that ain’t mine. Other people’s jimmies. Unknown jimmies. Strange jimmies.


They should change the name to Twatch.

I’ll see myself out.

Buy my girlfriend a pregnancy test while I’m out…

yuki2501, avatar

And it didn’t last a day.


I’ve personally been blamed for the fact that lascivious female streaming material shows up on my feed despite the facts that I’m not sexually interested in females and the fact that I’ve never even seen a Twitch.


Why do people watch this shit on Twitch when there are sites where you can watch live porn?


As a father who is a linux wizard and knows every single ip our BABIES go to

why are you using a VPN son 😢???


In some countries, porn is banned so they watch this.




Ive seen 2, max.

If this is your current state of twitch, its because you keep clicking on boobi. Quit clicking on boobi if you dont want to be seeing boobi.


This might be a repost of an older meme when it was stíl true


Older meme? Twitch rolled back their barely nude positive rule by, like, the next day.


Well that sucks


Yeah, OP has “why do these homosexuals keep sucking my cock?” energy.

TheKingBee, avatar

I’d like to think that, but I just went to twitch to see what was up and i’ve got one “18+ 🥵🥵” in my recommends despite the only things i’ve really watched on twitch being like 24 hours of marvel snap to collect rewards in that game (i left it in a tab running in the background because why the fuck would i watch other people play something I can just play? but i wanted the in game rewards), some classic TNA (which despite the name is just wrestling) and the first iteration of watch forever (the ai generated Seinfeld).

So they’re definitely advertising it outside people explicitly looking for it.

That said i have no problem with it, if this is how people are making their bag in our capitalist hellscape, get that bag…


Ive gone actively searching for it and cannot find more than 2 at any given moment besides that one dude with the naruto pfp who is just autoplaying youtube twerk videos.

And one of them who frequently does the topless cutoff videos has already needed to up the ante by having 4 girls on screen at once.

Its not that big of a deal. There really isnt much to advertise. And its clearly not doing that well as a strategy to get viewers.


Ive heard this over and over, but it’s bullshit.

I watch half a dozen streamers on twitch. 4 apex legends streamers and 2 developers(all dudes because that seems somewhat relevant). I don’t browse random streams and I don’t click on anything.

Occasionally, I’ll end up watching other streamers if my guys raid someone as they sign off. But never are they raiding “boobi” streams. It’s usually other apex streamers or other devs.

The other day, home page was filled with tits and scantally clad ladies. The recommended feeds were almost all that.

So I’m not clicking on it. I’m not seeking it out. I’m not even hovering over it. But it was pushing that content hard.

GladiusB, avatar

I stream on Twitch. I see mostly video games. So I dunno? There are always randoms. But very rarely do I see the bikini stuff.


Just not true. I don’t have a twitch account and visited to see what it’s all about and it’s all over. Even if you peek inside the just chatting category it’s a huge majority of the top content

Of anything, what you state is the result of content filtering for yourself and not for everyone at large.


Yeah, they should rebrand as ’Simp Central’

samus12345, avatar

“Simp Central, eh?”




If you want video game streams then look for video games. I looked up the starcraft 2 section and there’s not a single thirst trap streamer, same with the video games that I play.

People are always getting pissed off that their favorite thing no longer exists. It’s still there, dummy! You just think it doesn’t because complaining is more popular than talking about the things that people like.

inb4 “it’s just a meme, it can’t mean anything”


there are a few in very popular yet casual categories like Overwatch, but yes you have to go into hot tubs to see them and spend time in those streams to get recommended them


Who? I’m looking at the Overwatch 2 directory right now and can’t find a single one. Like half of them listed don’t even have face cams on, judging by a quick scan of the thumbnails.


I mean by the token of there being “a few” there…aren’t many.

I guess checking on a Saturday night might be my only advice. YMMV, I’ve seen it happen rarely, maybe it was a fluke.


I think a lot of the people talking about this literally just mean there is a girl playing video games


Never seen these cam girls everyone complains about on my twitch feed. I don’t seek that stuff out though either. You can also filter out content in settings, but I’ve never had to. This “problem” seems like a non issue.


If you click “I want to watch mature content” on any profanity stream such as Soda or Summit your feed magically starts filling up with titty streamers.

The notion that you need to seek them out first is false.


Didn’t even know that existed. Guess I’d have to seek it out, or get into discussion on lemmy. Is see profanity on chat. I’ve never seen these girls.

Daft_ish, (edited )

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually watched Twitch and I actually thought it was a really cool idea to start with. Back then I got pulled in from following competitive StarCraft. By the time I got there SC2 was on the decline but LoL was taking off. I liked watching the big LoL competitions but spent most my time watching competitive StarCraft II. Shout out to Incontrol, RIP, his casts got me into it and if there was still quality content I could see myself following again.

Eventually though you would just start following the trending streams. After every big release there would be new streamers popping off and it was fun to watch. Slowly the bots got more and more obnoxious and you realized the trending shit was bought and paid for. Then, a site where LoL streams was the central draw, camgirls started showing up. They created the IRL channel and influencers took control.

In a world where competitive gaming was taken seriously by the viewers and game studios fully supported the competive community twitch might have turned out different. For now, I think about how to get that OG twitch feeling back.

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

SC2 was what first brought me in too! I had never cared about esports or watching streams prior to that. Incontrol, Day9, Husky, and all the competitive stuff.

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