doppelgangmember ,


40% OFF (our already marked up price)

Bishma , avatar

We hit the point where the dollar is worth almost exactly half of what it was when I first started working in the mid 90s. It’s helped to reground my price expectations.

DavidGarcia ,

isn’t inflation a wonderful invention? keeps the economy growing. aren’t we lucky to have such benevolent owners?

Asafum ,

If we didn’t introduce new currency into the economy the hoarders owners would have all of the wealth. There wouldn’t be money to pay people because you get paid less than the owner takes in, eventually they’d end up with literally everything. Of course they’re trying that now anyway, but still, odd as it is to say, we need inflation.

Waluigis_Talking_Buttplug ,

I worked at Walmart and vividly remember seeing the black Friday magazines showing stuff on sake for ehat it cost just a few months ago

expatriado ,

got to summon the camel three times

Assman , avatar

Member 75 cent milk and eggs? Member dollar menu? Member dollar theatres?

maldivirdragonwitch , avatar

Dollar theaters? Member nickelodeons?

MenKlash , avatar

That's just FIAT money in action.

wholeofthemoon ,

Inflation is a feature not a bug 😉

maldivirdragonwitch , avatar

I never liked those Italian cars. I don’t know why we use their money, too…


bLaCk fRiDaY!!1

Assman , avatar

Compulsory purchase day

kurwa ,

Don’t remember the last time I actually bought anything on black Friday.

Serinus ,

They make special TVs with fewer features (such as no audio out) specifically for Black Friday specials.

Fester ,

Always check model numbers against what you think you’re buying. Sometimes they use the same number with a slight change, like a few numbers or letters added to it. If it’s different, that’s the Black Friday version with extra-cheap capacitors and last year’s recycled panel.


Buy shit or you'll ruin the economy!

metaStatic ,

mfw corps raise prices for the bare minimum time to legally call the subsequent discount a discount and people buy at the inflated price anyway.

solarvector ,

That’s just black Friday

TesterJ ,

I’m still surprised every time I go into a Subway and the footlongs don’t cost $5. Now they cost $12.

metaStatic ,

No, They cost $20. You're saving $8.

cm0002 ,

You gotta have the buy one get one coupons they always mail out, then it comes to about 6$ each, not 5 but better than 12 at least lmao

TesterJ ,

I used them a lot but I don’t get them much anymore. Used to get them once every 2 weeks, now it’s once every few months.

ivanafterall , avatar

RIP McDonalds' dollar menu. Little Caesars' $5 Hot 'n' Ready. Arby's 5 for $5 roast beefs (and potato cakes).

Klystron ,

Fuck I miss that $5 hot n ready. When I was younger picking that up with some crazy bread and heading back to my dorm to watch some football was my favorite Sunday pastime 😭

ivanafterall , avatar

I've been dipping my toes back into the football waters lately precisely because I've missed that.

jballs ,

That just reminded me that one pizza place used to deliver $4 pizzas to the dorms back in the day. Damn those were good times.

Steve ,

RIP dollar tree

son_named_bort ,

I remember the 5 for $5 roast beefs. Then it went up to 5 for $5.95 and later 4 for $5. Last I checked they would do a 2 for $5 promo.

somedaysoon , avatar

Fast food is ridiculous, it used to be half the price but you can go to a bar and grill or a family restaurant and get better food for the same price now. I rarely consider it any longer unless I’m really crunched on time or have no other options. It’s such a ripoff these days.

Bye ,

And a chilope burrito is like $11, chicken used to be 5.50 when I was in college

I’d rather stuff became cheaper instead of me making more money. Deflation time

CluckN ,

Dollar Tree having the audacity to charge $5-$10 in the Beyond section.

ivanafterall , avatar

Five Below, too.

joyjoy ,

Nintendo games will always be $70

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