What have I missed?

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A troll was posting a bunch of transphobic memes here and in dank memes not too long ago. The users here weren't having any of it.

be_excellent_to_each_other, avatar

Still happening if you sort by new and look for the downvotes.


They successfully convinced the Owners of to block 3 piracy instances.

mp3, avatar

The true tragedy of the event…


Lemmy world’s admins are cryptofascists. I’ve become convinced. We’ll see more indications.

empireOfLove, avatar

I have the stupid so bear with me. Can you explain what exactly “cryptofascists” are and how LW admins qualify for the title?


Crypto fascists are fascists who hide their true politics. admins tried really hard to avoid defederating with a Nazi instance, pre-emptively defederated from a leftist one, and collaborated with an out fascist to ban db0’s piracy forum.

They’re fascists or they collaborate with them, which means they’re fascists.

empireOfLove, avatar was probably going to do that anyway. They’re getting too big and the potential for stupid legal action becomes a serious problem.

empireOfLove, avatar
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