Mothra, avatar

They do bring that up in the comics and the animated series ( at least the 3d ones). I’m sure more than once I’ve seen Megatron say something like " it’s them calling our ways deceitful, and since we fight for justice we are proud be Decepticons " or something like that.


Bumblebee is the only good Transformers movie.

You can ignore all the others, but this one is worth it.

gosling, avatar

The first two Bay movies hold a special place in my heart. They may not be good, but they’re enjoyable and cool as fuck


Giving them the benefit of the doubt, transformers transform to hide amongst the people, thus decieving them into not knowing they exist

WashedOver, avatar

My first thought was:

“he’s quoting Hitler almost daily now, this isn’t setting off any red flags?”

Exusia, avatar

I wasn’t sure if this joke was masterful writing, or bottom of the barrel.


I mean with Cheeto-man the jokes just write themselves

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