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clarke931, in Top 10 programming languages that are trending and expected to boom in 2024

The issue of financial derivatives and their impact on the economy is complex and raises legitimate concerns. The recent proposals from federal bank regulators to impose stricter rules on large U.S. banks to hold more capital against their riskiest trading positions seem to be a response to the systemic risks associated with these complex financial instruments. It is undeniable that the three major banks - JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs - hold a significant share of the derivatives market, representing 77% of all derivatives held by federally insured financial institutions in the United States. This raises legitimate concerns about risk concentration and the potential for repeating past mistakes, as seen in 2008. The arguments put forth during recent Congressional hearings, suggesting that American farmers would be most affected by these stricter rules, appear to be an attempt to divert attention from the real issue. Data from the Department of Agriculture shows that the agricultural sector contributes significantly to the U.S. GDP, well below the total amount of derivatives held by major banks. Ultimately, it is crucial to balance financial stability with the need to prevent systemic risks. Regulatory proposals aim to avoid a repeat of past mistakes, where derivatives played a major role in the 2008 financial crisis. However, it is also important to carefully examine the potential consequences on the real economy, ensuring that rules are fair and well-balanced. What are your thoughts? What alternative solutions could be considered to regulate financial derivatives while supporting the real economy?

Zerush, in Dear A-holes avatar

Very kind of the company to distribute Vaseline and Hemoal for free among its employees

Mothra, in Truly a moment of all time avatar

They do bring that up in the comics and the animated series ( at least the 3d ones). I’m sure more than once I’ve seen Megatron say something like " it’s them calling our ways deceitful, and since we fight for justice we are proud be Decepticons " or something like that.

Blackmist, in Truly a moment of all time

Bumblebee is the only good Transformers movie.

You can ignore all the others, but this one is worth it.

gosling, avatar

The first two Bay movies hold a special place in my heart. They may not be good, but they’re enjoyable and cool as fuck

MrScottyTay, in Truly a moment of all time

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, transformers transform to hide amongst the people, thus decieving them into not knowing they exist

FluffyPotato, in Colonial

The animated version of that encounter:

superfes, in Christmas scenes

Man, I’m ready to drop a mint on an espresso machine, perfectly happy on the escalator down…

Gormadt, avatar

People underestimate the value of a good coffee machine

That shit will last years and give you high quality coffee the whole time

miss_brainfart, avatar

If basic coffee is all you want, though:

Vacuum coffee maker

Zerush, avatar

Espresso machine? I’m perfect with my French Press for €10, my wife too, to make a perfect coffee.


Yep, would happily take the coffee machine over a PS5. As long as I still had my PC, obviously.

WashedOver, in Truly a moment of all time avatar

My first thought was:

“he’s quoting Hitler almost daily now, this isn’t setting off any red flags?”

EmperorHenry, in Fast casual avatar

I’d be okay with that if the money meant that the workers get a living wage and benefits. But that’s not how most business owners do things here

Exusia, in Truly a moment of all time avatar

I wasn’t sure if this joke was masterful writing, or bottom of the barrel.


I mean with Cheeto-man the jokes just write themselves

nonailsleft, in Zionism manufacturing propaganda

It’s like when they misfired a missile on that hospital

cooopsspace, in Wishing you guys a happy civil war 2

What are you gonna do? Insurrect the state next?

GardenVarietyAnxiety, in Wishing you guys a happy civil war 2

But muh States’ Rights!

indepndnt, in Wishing you guys a happy civil war 2

I keep getting more and more glad that I moved here.

NBJack, in Fast casual

Damn…what is this, r/seattle?

Don’t forget the fact that despite it’s just a cheeseburger, it’s named “The Vonderbilt Wonder”, “Halfsie Pattsies”, or “Edmonton the Second”. Ideally on a menu so scant on details it’s hard to tell the french fries from the extra avocado.


The truly fancy places call ‘em “frites”, not French fries. That way they can charge an extra three bucks for the fanciness.

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