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Plasma 6 Logo - Final Selection and Poll (

The 6 Most Popular Plasma 6 Logos We selected the 6 most ❤ed logos from the original thread and made a poll to determine which is the most popular. The three most voted options will be passed on to the Plasma developers for their consideration. Please note that this poll is non-binding and changing the logo will depend on the...

what is safeguarding in health and social care

In health and social care, safeguarding refers to the methods and actions done to protect persons' well-being and rights, particularly those of vulnerable populations, from abuse, harm, or neglect. It entails maintaining a safe atmosphere, recognizing symptoms of abuse or potential threats, and applying prevention and response...

November Plasma 6 update (

Probably the big news is that we released the Plasma 6 Alpha today! What does that mean? Well, go read this blog post by David Edmundson to find out! In a nutshell, you should try out the Plasma 6 Alpha out using one of these distros (or by building it yourself using kdesrc-build) if you’re an adventurous person who has a...

X-post from reddit, Sharing media headaches: Samba won't show "new?" media, and can't figure out multiple user auth in NFS. SFTP on Windows? Help... (

EDIT: This has been solved!! This link has the full post, but basically you need to ensure SELinux flags are set for every file, and this won't happen to new files added. I have appended the SELinux option as a context entry to my fstab and now every file shows!...

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