Found knitting patterns for charity: Warm Up America!

I had no idea what to knit so I asked some people on this community for some help in this thread. Someone suggested I knit for charity, and look up what the charities want for inspiration. Actually found something that the rest of you might want to know about, especially since it comes with patterns! They’re for the 7 x 9 inch squares you can donate to the charity. Here’s the link to the patterns on the charity’s website. Charity is Warm Up America! I have no affiliation with them besides what I mentioned in this post.

Mods, let me know if this is too promotional and I’ll take it down.

EDIT: link to patterns is now broken, here's an link to the same place


This is a great idea! Are you going to make some squares? I like that they aren’t as big as committing to a whole blanket.

I’ve helped assemble a few community projects, and I think it’s really neat to see everyone’s work join together to become a final piece.


Started on a rectangle today. Trying to figure out the gauge. At my tightest I still expanded past the 7 inch mark with size 7 needles and yarn that’s probably a lighter weight than asked for (bought it forever ago and do not have the label). Started over with 30 stitches instead of the suggested 35 and it seems okay now.


Awesome!! Good luck! Do they have a pattern for knitting, or are you just doing garter? I only saw a crochet pattern on the site.


If you’re on mobile, go to the end of the crochet pattern. Under it will be a rectangle saying Crochet Patterns and another rectangle sating Knit Patterns. Click the rectangle saying Knit Patterns. There you will find eight patterns, one of which is garter. I intend to do all the patterns. I started with garter stitch.


I see it now. Thanks! Totally missed that section.


This is really cool! It gives me a direction and some inspiration to get back into knitting. Thanks for sharing!

thegiddystitcher, avatar

I remember that thread, thanks for checking back in with us. And great find!

Worth noting that the finished items need to be shipped to the charity office so while I can’t find anything that says US-only, it would be quite expensive to take part from overseas. Maybe this post will be the motivation some of us need to look for our local equivalent :)


I’m in the midlands UK and there’s a charity here that take granny squares. I think they’re called teddies for tragedies - they obviously take knitted and crocheted bears too.

Octopus for a preemie is in the UK as well as the US and Canada. You make crocheted or knitted octopi or jellyfish for NICU babies.

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