Kbin Cafe: 99 Users and Some Updates for What Lies Ahead

Hopefully everyone in the northern hemisphere is having an eventful summer. Stay cool!

I've updated Kbin.cafe to the latest development code today; it appears that some users may have been logged out as a result. If you were, this is why.

We're currently hovering at 99 users on this instance, which is a relatively small number but leaves us on the verge of an incredible milestone that I certainly could have never expected. I'm happy that every single one of you can call this place your threadiverse home! Please continue enjoying the content, posting, voting, and invite your friends. Part of the ethis of this community is to carry the spirit of the fediverse forward, helping to ensure everyone doesn't congregate on Kbin.social, so the more active users the better.

This said, I have a rough roadmap of updates that will be rolling out over the next week:

  • Add links to Discord, Matrix, and our status page either on the about page or somewhere in the navigation.
  • Update privacy policy and terms of service. Nothing too big here, just changes to writing style and additional clarification.
  • Outline the ongoing cost for the Kbin Cafe server in the FAQ.
  • While Kbin Cafe will always remain free, I need to find a way to accept donations and link it up to the website. A couple of you have reached out asking about avenues to do so, so stay tuned for that!

Here's to another 100 users.

- Barista


Congratulations ☺️

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