Is kbin social and kbin cafe run by the same person?

I am new and signed up using kbin cafe but seem to be able to post in kbin social. I am guessing each website is like its own email service from what I can see. Though I am not sure if the owner of kbin social is the same as the owner of kbin cafe. I take it anyone can set up their own kbin site and connect it to the other kbin sites?


Omg I just asked the same question!
(Edit) My bad I just realized it was my post.


yer adorable Book I hope you stay


Thank you I think I will.


Just wanted to let you know that this is the best thing I’ve read on the fediverse, and by a fair margin at that.

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You can also connect to non-kbin sites, including Lemmy and Mastodon! They all use the same protocol to be able to talk to each other.

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No, is not run by the same person that runs; here's a post by the owner of and @ernest is the owner of and the main developer of kbin. As you mentioned, kbin works similar to an email service, so different kbins (and lemmys and mastodons) can communicate with each other.


That is really cool. I dont go online often but I like that they can all communicate.

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