Never touched it. The bait-and-switch with some of the products they offered and then the trainwreck of the actual game at launch ruined it for me. I actually unsubscribed from ESO, which I was paying monthly for at the time, because of how shady Bethesda looked.


Poor bastards.

Well, I’d like try, too to see if there’s anything that isn’t online bs. Maybe some day. Meanwhile, I have a TTW run to get back to.


I logged in once, walked around the huge empty map, saw that crafting was broken as fuck and have never turned it back on since. So I technically count, I guess.


I tried it two years ago and the latency is so bad i can’t even shoot well, every action i made have to sent to server and then send back to my screen like i’m streaming a game, refund it right away. I’m sure it is fun when i able to play it normally.


I probably played it for much longer than I should have. The main reason I stopped is the same you said, the latency is just too bad. It’s not always so bad and if the latency is low enough to be barely noticeable then there’s actually a somewhat fun game underneath it. But the issue is that 90% of the time the latency is noticeable and it makes the game feel extremely sluggish, if not completely broken.


A friend of mine was really eager to play this together in co-op so I picked it up. Day 1 I remember shooting a zombie ghoul creature, as I shot it, it merged into the ground and became invulnerable. This happened in a couple of places and everything felt janky. I think F76 was the point where I decided to stop doing day 1 purchases/pre orders. Never played it since, so no idea how much it’s improved, either way Bethesda got my money 💰

@Uglyhead@lemmy.world avatar

Bethesdas Netcode was absolute ass. Lag made things like VATS not even work half the time.

One positive thing about Bethesda getting bought up by MS; maybe, just maybe MS will help Bethesda get their shit together on that front, and a few others.


It was fun. Well, fun enough for at least a couple weeks. Soon as my co-op partner dropped it, so did I.


I played it when I had a free trial to gamepass. 0/10 did not enjoy.

I wandered out into the woods in my jumpsuit with a baseball bat. I was attacked by a pack of dogs. It took me a while to get my bearings, but despite a long time flailing I defeated the dogs and suffered no serious injuries. Not a fan of paper tigers like that at all.

But more generally it felt kind of aimless. When I did find something to fight, it wasn’t fun. Progress felt slow.


I liked it a lot. I built up a pretty bad ass melee character that I really liked. I had a lot of fun building forts playing with friends. It’s like fallout with friends vs regular fallout.


I wanted to enjoy it, but man there were so many irritating bugs when I played last year. Progress lost multiple times. Disconnects from server. I’ve wanted co-op in Fallout for ages but this wasn’t it for me.


I remember playing the beta, thinking how cool it was that the economy would be player driven. It was not cool at all. Lol

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