conciselyverbose ,

reportedly cost the studio roughly $42.6 million dollars to make, with a net profit hitting over $49.7 million. Approximately $7 million past the breakeven point,

That's not what profit means.

Their complete butchering of the basics makes it really hard to take their analysis of cash flow seriously.

Paranomaly , avatar

I expect a large amount of this is the disastrous Xbox One launch as it was an exclusive there for a while. The PC release having feature’s stripped didn’t help, but I imagine the idea of investing additional money at that point felt like throwing good money after bad. I mainly hope that Insomniac doesn’t become just a Marvel studio, though.

BlueMagma ,

I don’t understand, the article says of the 7 million after break-even they only got 567, who got the rest of the money ? Where did it go ?

And even then, hundreds of people recieved a salary for a few years, is it not pretty good already ? To be able to sustain all these people ?

EdanGrey ,

Could be loan payments, repaying investors, taxes …

BlueMagma ,

Might be… the article is really unclear, but I really don’t think it is, they already factored in 42million in charges from the 49m… There something I don’t understand with this.

Nighed , avatar

I assume the salaries are included in the break even?

dbilitated , avatar

that’s such a great reason to do a sequel because it sounds like people would love it and maybe they can negotiate a better percentage and make some money back!

FoundTheVegan , (edited ) avatar


GAWD. That is a sad sobering thought for such a fun, odd, colorful, wild fever dream of a game.

JackDark ,

I heard such great things about this game, but I honestly hated it.

BoiLudens ,

Wow that’s heartbreaking, I absolutely loved sunset overdrive, got it on pc and xbox

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