Oh snap, and here I was set to play the OG as I go through all the Myst games (will still have to do that on the bad ones though, I heard they aren’t good given the original team left)


They were okay. I really enjoyed Exile, the characters were a bit weird but the puzzles and world were good.


No way! I’m rather looking forward to this, I picked up the hefty PS1 version but never played it beyond the opening sequence.

Excuse the muppetry, but is this effectively the sequel to the 2021 Myst remaster? Or is it a different project fork again?


It is sorta, it started about 13 years ago with The Starry Expanse, a bunch of people who started building Riven in a 3D engine, at some point Cyan started collaborating with them and finally took over the project completely.


It’s nice to see the work by the StarryExpanse people is finally going to see the light of day. It’s going to be a great nostalgia trip for me to play this one.

Also for those who don’t know, TheStarryExpanse was a project to rebuild Riven in 3D with a modern game engine. A few years ago they announced that they were going to collaborate with Cyan before turning over their work to them entirely and moving on.


Here is the GOG link:



Such a classic.


I hope it supports VR like their other recent games.

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