Does this apply to Linux/proton? I have dlss working on cyberpunk and only a 3060ti, am I just using dlss2?



Open source code /doubles/ your performance?

Fucking wow, Nvidia truly has /the best/ software engineers.

What a fucking joke.


Before the graphics market took hold, the designers of warfare would take it into their own hands. What a marvel!


Wow generating fake frames gives you more frames. Who would have guessed?


That’s the wrong take here.

DLSS2 doesn’t have frame generation. Nvidia refuses to add support for DLSS3 to their older cards so the open source community ported FSR3 which has frame generation (and is open source).

By all metrics DLSS3 is superior to FSR3, but that doesn’t help Nvidia 3xxx/2xxx owners at all. Nvidia is a very skilled company, just greedy little absolute shits. This whole debacle mirrors G-sync vs. Freesync (which is the basis for the VESA standard VRR).


Any guides on how to do that?

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