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hazle, in Alan Wake 2 director says Remedy's confidence in the game was boosted by Everything Everywhere All At Once

Your PUBG name is more than just a combination of characters; it's your virtual identity. It's the name your squadmates will call you by, the name your adversaries will fear, and the name you'll proudly display on the leaderboards Name Generator 2024 For PUBG Players.

Gamoc, in Zack Snyder Says 'Of Course' He Would Be Interested in Directing a Fortnite Movie

HA! Even if a Fortnite movie was a good idea for any reason other than even more fucking profit, which it isn’t, Zack fucking Snyder is so far from being the right person to do it that it seems like a joke.

tiredofsametab, in 17 million people have played Fallout 76

Never touched it. The bait-and-switch with some of the products they offered and then the trainwreck of the actual game at launch ruined it for me. I actually unsubscribed from ESO, which I was paying monthly for at the time, because of how shady Bethesda looked.

XTL, in 17 million people have played Fallout 76

Poor bastards.

Well, I’d like try, too to see if there’s anything that isn’t online bs. Maybe some day. Meanwhile, I have a TTW run to get back to.

BakedGoods, in Embark Gives Update on The Finals Cheaters Situation; No Plans to Region Lock Servers

Damn. That community manager should do something else.

Grass, in [Skill Up] We played Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown (and it’s pretty great) - Hands On Impressions

Looks slick. Imagine being impressed with Ubisoft, all platform release these days too.

conciselyverbose, in Insomniac Games Reportedly Made Only $567 on Sunset Overdrive

reportedly cost the studio roughly $42.6 million dollars to make, with a net profit hitting over $49.7 million. Approximately $7 million past the breakeven point,

That's not what profit means.

Their complete butchering of the basics makes it really hard to take their analysis of cash flow seriously.

Paranomaly, in Insomniac Games Reportedly Made Only $567 on Sunset Overdrive avatar

I expect a large amount of this is the disastrous Xbox One launch as it was an exclusive there for a while. The PC release having feature’s stripped didn’t help, but I imagine the idea of investing additional money at that point felt like throwing good money after bad. I mainly hope that Insomniac doesn’t become just a Marvel studio, though.

gravitywell, in Mods can now replace DLSS Frame Generation with FSR3 for NVIDIA RTX 20/30 GPUs in multiple games

Does this apply to Linux/proton? I have dlss working on cyberpunk and only a 3060ti, am I just using dlss2?

steal_your_face, in MetaCritic The Worst Videogames of 2023 avatar

Twitch streamers taking notes when reading this list.

BlueMagma, in Insomniac Games Reportedly Made Only $567 on Sunset Overdrive

I don’t understand, the article says of the 7 million after break-even they only got 567, who got the rest of the money ? Where did it go ?

And even then, hundreds of people recieved a salary for a few years, is it not pretty good already ? To be able to sustain all these people ?


Could be loan payments, repaying investors, taxes …


Might be… the article is really unclear, but I really don’t think it is, they already factored in 42million in charges from the 49m… There something I don’t understand with this.

Nighed, avatar

I assume the salaries are included in the break even?

amstafff, in MetaCritic The Worst Videogames of 2023

Where’s D4?


The one and only D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. A game who’s only failure is being eternally incomplete.

dbilitated, in Insomniac Games Reportedly Made Only $567 on Sunset Overdrive avatar

that’s such a great reason to do a sequel because it sounds like people would love it and maybe they can negotiate a better percentage and make some money back!

taiyang, in Weekly what have you been playing discussion - week of December, 18th, 2023

Friend and I did concurrent playthroughs of a meteoivania bullet hell game called Tevi. I really enjoyed it, as I love exploring and finding power ups. I liked it’s predecessor Rabi Ribi more (which was brutally hard) but at least it’s less cringy.

As they say “it’s not an H-game!”.


Rabi ribi’s only fault was being unable to let my parents see without being seen as a loser perv, and the hammer. I’ll have to look in to tevi.

taiyang, in Riven on Steam

Oh snap, and here I was set to play the OG as I go through all the Myst games (will still have to do that on the bad ones though, I heard they aren’t good given the original team left)


They were okay. I really enjoyed Exile, the characters were a bit weird but the puzzles and world were good.

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