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Echoing my post on masto: Does asafoetida smell amazing to you?

Does asafoetida smell amazing to you? and if yes do you consider yourself someone with an accurate sense of smell (e.g. identify if someone needs dental work in a conversation, smell who someone has been hanging out with, identify spices and herbs used in a meal with high accuracy, identify the perfume someone wears etc)

a question about microwaved sandwiches (mostly on how to cook them.)

Hello, I know this is a bit random, but I have a question about the preparation of microwave sandwiches specifically the likes of white castle sliders and jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches I follow the instructions as well as I can, and yet it either ends up frozen in the middle, or really hot and yet cold. it’s strange really....

How to get into the habit of cooking >1 portions?

I always cook for myself alone which means I’m used to cooking just one portion, or 2 portions which I end up eating in one sitting anyway. I usually improvise my meals and my brain just seems hardwired to measure quantities for a single portion meal. Does anyone have any tips for scailing your cooking up to cook for groups?

Give me your favorite Halloween meals! (

So I know Halloween isn’t a day with a huge meal tradition like xmas or tday, but I’m having some dear friends stay with me that weekend and I would love to cook up something Halloweeny. So I’m curious, do any of you have any go-to meals/dishes for Halloween? No real requirements here, it can be outright spooky/gross or...

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