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How can I select an individual bookmarks folder and delete all the duplicate bookmarks in it?

I’d like an addon where I can right click on a folder and see a context menu item to delete all the duplicate bookmarks in it. The only addons I’ve found have their own pages to scan all bookmarks for duplicates. I only want to delete duplicates in specific folders.

Firefox on Android won't keep my "desktop site" toggle on (

From what I've read online this shouldn't even be an issue anymore since "desktop site" is meant to have been made default recently (edit: I was wrong this is not the case, see comments), but either way it isn't for me, and I'm getting really annoyed at having to re-toggle every tab to desktop every time I open the app. I can't...

Wanted to share the libredirect Firefox plugin, for abandoning Youtube. (

This is a plugin I found recently and really enjoy. It gives you the opportunity to redirect several webpages to alternatives. For example Youtube to FreeTube or Piped. If I search for youtube in Firefox, FreeTube automatically opens and shows me my feed. I like it, I use it, I can recommend it.

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