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I would like to ask for your help.

As part of my dissertation project, I'm aiming to collect a large research sample to help construct a validated measure on Teacher Attitudes towards Multilingual Learners.

If you are a teacher (primary, secondary, tertiary education), and you teach multilingual students, could I please ask for 10 minutes of your time?

The survey is available here:


Please boost—thank you so much!

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Dear all—thank you so much for your boosts and help with this post. I've currently gathered 42 responses, which has been a great start. If you are a teacher, then please consider helping me out by adding your opinions to my research project.

I've begun my exploratory factor analysis, and I would love to have more responses to help improve validity. So far, the results are definitely giving me incredibly useful input. Once again, thank you!

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@jaap @edutooters @academicchatter I'm not currently teaching, but being a uni prof with quite a few multilingual students was my day job for decades. Does data from non-current teachers fit your study?

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Multilingual as in, "English + X"?
It would be really interesting to see how this attitude varies, based on primary language spoken, but it would require the questionnare translated into more languages.
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@jaap @edutooters @academicchatter does that include eg welsh, hear you have to speak it in school?

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@jaap @dancinyogi @edutooters @academicchatter UK teachers only or global?

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