Galen West’s strategy: “Lookie dem low prices… 2L soda for 68¢… woweee!!1!” REALITY: Zero stock, ZERO SHIPMENTS for ENTIRE SALE.

This is why Galen West is a card-carrying member of the Parasite Class.

And yes, I confirmed the no-shipments, zero-stock with the store manager. 5 days and counting with no stock so far, when the sale started there was maybe 12-24 bottles for 128,000 residents in the city.


I saw this kind of behavior in many places.

We had a LIDL discount store on the other side of the road in my old location. One day they offered a top-of-the-pop GFX card (25 years ago!) for an incredibly low price. Before opening times, there was a queue from the door across the parking lot to the street. I was there when the shop opened (not in the queue, just on the way to my car), and people stormed in. I saw people jumping over the checkouts to bypass the crowd. Later that day, I talked with a cashier. They had had serious problems that morning, because their allotment had been a total of three cards.

Many years later, a superstore offered a high-priced LEGO set for a dead cheap price. So I was there when the doors opened, ran towards the toy aisle, grabbed one of the two sets on display. I thought for a moment to buy the other one, too, but some other guy just took it. At the checkout I asked if they maybe had another one in stock, but they admitted they only had gotten those two sets.


Get the paper advertising it. Find a competitor that offers price matching or get the store to give you a raincheck.


PC Cola is a house brand. No-one else carries it.

And the rain cheque limits you to two. I like to use the self-checkout and stock up by making multiple checkouts.

avidamoeba, avatar



Not that I’m disagreeing with your anger, but I feel like that much emotion at least warrants using the person’s correct name.


Getting the name wrong is peak dismissiveness


Galen “no name” whatever


Never known someone to care about pop this much


It’s not about the soda, it’s about the corporate hypocrisy, gratuitously fake goodwill, rampant greed, and bait-and-switching of hard-working Canadians.

If you’re going to be defending Galen West in any way, I strongly suggest you find elsewhere to be licking those boots.


I’ve found most stores stock very minimal amounts of whatever gets I to the flyer as a pretty good deal.

They just do it to trick you into making the trip so you spend your money on the over priced stuff since you’re already there.


Except in this case, the store was out of stock 24hrs a day from the day the sale started. It’s now the sixth day of the sale, it ends on Thursday.

Those shelves usually have about 48 rows of 7 bottles across 5 different flavours of PC Cola. It tends to have some stock at all times, the only time I ever saw it totally out of stock was during the first COVID lockdown. Never before, and for the first time since.

I had talked to the store manager, who confirmed ZERO DELIVERIES since the sale started. Not one delivery in any of the five days, and I’m betting this sixth day will be more of the same.

That isn’t just gross incompetence - it’s intentionally malicious.

ClopClopMcFuckwad, avatar

Rain cheque that shit, son!


Did. Sale was limit: 2. At least normally I can pile 8 or so into my cart and process them in batches of two, not so much with rain cheques.


Did you try asking at customer service desk? Back when I worked at one of those stores and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I would have put that through for anyone that came up to the cs desk and asked, as long as they didn’t do a mountain that draws attention. Around the time I left though they took away the ability to enter quantity multipliers without an override, and while technically cs reps have override auth they generally aren’t allowed to use it on themselves without permission (which would be granted if no other super or cs rep was available in a timely manner). Before that change it was possible (as a cs rep at a cs terminal) to do any number without override as long as the current price wasn’t also a limit price which would make it require two for some reason. They also got really annoying about the override logs around the same time.

Edit: I mean asking to have more than the limit at that price on the basis that you would have bought them multiple days, rather than a raincheck.

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