It should be illegal to sell a TV that doesn't have a full set of controls (not that dogshit little stick thing) on the front or bottom.

The back is not a valid place for inputs.


Nah, the buttons were fine. I think more people were annoyed about when the TV’s would perpetually be set at 12:00 and you could do nothing about it unless you had a roll of black electrical tape.


Mechanical feedback > anything else. Knobs, dials and buttons are easier to repair and last longer. They are the superior way to interact with devices.

yukichigai, avatar

Depending on the device it's a safety issue, too. It should literally be illegal for cars to have touchscreen controls that the driver is meant to interact with while driving.



ivanafterall, avatar

I personally like all my gadgets to have as many large, clunky, clicky buttons as possible.

yukichigai, avatar

Tom Paris is that you?

yukichigai, avatar

OP if your problem with buttons is looking at them, they figured out the solution to this back in the 70s: don't put them on the front of the TV. TVs have been made with buttons on the top, bottom, and sides for literally decades, and with flat screens the back is perfectly fine, too.

A TV without buttons is a dealbreaker for me. If I can't control it without the remote I'm not gonna be happy.

Kolanaki, avatar

I constantly lose my remote and have to use those buttons

You could do the hotel thing. Just glue your remote to the coffee table. Never lose it again. Or just look through the couch cushions cuz why would it have left the room it’s TV is in unless you have kids? And if you have kids that lose the remote just do what my parents did:

Your kids are now the remote. Make them press the stupidly small crappy buttons. Maybe that’s why they’re small in the first place; they expected them to only be used by small children.


Or get a smart TV and just use your phone

yukichigai, avatar

Nothing like having to unlock your phone and wait for it to reload the app just so you can turn down the volume. And good luck doing that if you're having network issues.

Kolanaki, avatar

good luck doing that if you’re having network issues.

One of the reasons why I would like IR Blasters to become common in most phones again. In a smartphone, those would be way more useful than the regular-ass cell phones I remember having them in all the time.


To answer your question, I have now 3 times found myself in the living room holding the remote rather than my cellphone, which is back on the bed by the television. My only excuse is that I’m over 60, ADD, and was distracted by the dirty dishes I was also carrying.


My TV has one button. My household has three teenage boys. The remote is always lost and I have to use that ONE button for everything.

Stupidest bullshit since taking headphone jacks out of phones.


I agree. I prefer having the tv being all screen. I’m hoping you mean having the buttons hidden rather than being a whole section? Bc, you need buttons.

PlzGivHugs, (edited )

Bc, you need buttons.

A lot of modern TVs are starting to go power-button only. Was trying to set one up recently, but didn’t have any batteries on hand for the remote. I literally just needed it to act as a monitor and display the hdmi input, but without the remote, I couldn’t change input, or do anything else useful.


Seems you posted an unpopular opinion.

I prefer mechanical buttons, for essential functions of a device/ machine.

Technology/software break down, nice to have the option of manual control.

TV companies can hide them in the back, so that is a design problem.

yukichigai, avatar

TV companies can hide them in the back, so that is a design problem.

Yep. Both of my TVs have controls on the back. One has the traditional row of up/down/channel/volume/etc buttons like you'd expect, another has four buttons with a little joystick in the middle that lets you navigate the menu system. Both work fine, well enough that I can change the inputs and the volume without fumbling through menus.


That is awesome!

My PC display has the joystick.

I prefer traditional, but anything is better than not having any buttons!

Thank you for info and have a great day!


No. The lack of buttons annoys the hell out of me. Lose your remote? Oops, no TV for you. And frankly, I despise any product that emphasizes something completely superficial like looks over functionality. I pity the empty, vapid existence of people who actually get excited about such ridiculous design issues.


Do you work for a tv manufacturer’s marketing department? Please make a thicker model with decent built in speakers and buttons that I don’t have to feel around for!

Edit: Also, please no smart features, they age poorly. I can provide my own…

ganoo, avatar

I don’t feel any type of way about buttons


No. The buttons don't bother me, and I like having options for when I misplace the remote.


How uncivilized.


So what do you do when you misplace your remote? Use the force and mind control it? Buttons are a very nice thing to have when you lose the remote or if the remote goes bad.


Although I also like physical buttons, but when I misplace my remote, I use my phone to control my tv.

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