Is it just me, or has the BS with OpenAI shown that nobody in the AI space actually cares about "safeguarding AGI?"

Money wins, every time. They’re not concerned with accidentally destroying humanity with an out-of-control and dangerous AI who has decided “humans are the problem.” (I mean, that’s a little sci-fi anyway, an AGI couldn’t “infect” the entire internet as it currently exists.)

However, it’s very clear that the OpenAI board was correct about Sam Altman, with how quickly him and many employees bailed to join Microsoft directly. If he was so concerned with safeguarding AGI, why not spin up a new non-profit.

Oh, right, because that was just Public Relations horseshit to get his company a head-start in the AI space while fear-mongering about what is an unlikely doomsday scenario.

So, let’s review:

  1. The fear-mongering about AGI was always just that. How could an intelligence that requires massive amounts of CPU, RAM, and database storage even concievably able to leave the confines of its own computing environment? It’s not like it can “hop” onto a consumer computer with a fraction of the same CPU power and somehow still be able to compute at the same level. AI doesn’t have a “body” and even if it did, it could only affect the world as much as a single body could. All these fears about rogue AGI are total misunderstandings of how computing works.
  2. Sam Altman went for fear mongering to temper expectations and to make others fear pursuing AGI themselves. He always knew his end-goal was profit, but like all good modern CEOs, they have to position themselves as somehow caring about humanity when it is clear they could give a living flying fuck about anyone but themselves and how much money they make.
  3. Sam Altman talks shit about Elon Musk and how he “wants to save the world, but only if he’s the one who can save it.” I mean, he’s not wrong, but he’s also projecting a lot here. He’s exactly the fucking same, he claimed only he and his non-profit could “safeguard” AGI and here he’s going to work for a private company because hot damn he never actually gave a shit about safeguarding AGI to begin with. He’s a fucking shit slinging hypocrite of the highest order.
  4. Last, but certainly not least. Annie Altman, Sam Altman’s younger, lesser-known sister, has held for a long time that she was sexually abused by her brother. All of these rich people are all Jeffrey Epstein levels of fucked up, which is probably part of why the Epstein investigation got shoved under the rug. You’d think a company like Microsoft would already know this or vet this. They do know, they don’t care, and they’ll only give a shit if the news ends up making a stink about it. That’s how corporations work.

So do other Lemmings agree, or have other thoughts on this?

And one final point for the right-wing cranks: Not being able to make an LLM say fucked up racist things isn’t the kind of safeguarding they were ever talking about with AGI, so please stop conflating “safeguarding AGI” with “preventing abusive racist assholes from abusing our service.” They aren’t safeguarding AGI when they prevent you from making GPT-4 spit out racial slurs or other horrible nonsense. They’re safeguarding their service from loser ass chucklefucks like you.


I wish this narrative would get more traction. I don’t get the love for Altman, even inside Open AI.

This whole drama has revealed.what I suspect is a larger problem across tech- that there are product-focused people who are legitimately trying to make tools to better society, and there are people who just want to make money.

Two guesses which type of person is usually in the C suite.


Also, you shouldn’t underestimate how many of the actual coders don’t give a shit about ethics and just want that paycheck. Over 500 of them are walking to join Atlman at Microsoft.


Yeah, and that is also scary. There is so little accountability in tech and the excitement over AI is just going to create a new generation of tech bro leaders for Forbes to write cover stories about.

whaleross, avatar

I for one don’t understand why people have the need for a Tech Visionary Messiah to cling on to and adore. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, lots of others, Sam Altman is the latest. They always and without exception turn out to be little human beings with little selfish needs behind their grandiose altruistic sales pitches. People never learn, do they.


Because it’s just human? It’s a lot less common than movie or music superstars anyway and those are even more unphantomable to me, like, the producer sure but the singer that was groomed from birth to regurgitate boomer poetry?

whaleross, avatar

I guess it makes sense to call them STEM pop stars.


How could an intelligence that requires massive amounts of CPU, RAM, and database storage even concievably

What you define as “massive” amounts might still be large amounts for most consumers. But even then it’s not… really. Developers frequently fit these models in their own laptops. Some of the ML models fit on an iPhone or Android phone. It can generate ten, or hundreds of words (tokens) per second.

So the fact that they don’t need massive amounts of CPU, RAM, and database storage is rather the point. Imagine if it could escape and multiply. It could conceivably do so quite quickly given current technology.


Zephyr 7b might run on a cell but you don’t understand how far behind oai these are for stuff, their gpt uses multi agent networks too, it certainly requires massive, massive amounts of power. And no, a tiny model on a phon can’t brrrr hundreds of words per second. You are just misinformed somehow. If I tune my computer correct I get like 30. And these are magnitudes behind in quality anyway. How you believe they can replicate is beyond me. Using autogen? I mean we can already make replication softwares, called viruses, but what’s the gain of having a language model as payload for that?


Give it time. Cell phones are getting more powerful every day.

As for misinformed… sure it’s possible. But I doubt it. Llama isn’t chat gpt but it runs pretty well on my machine. Is it perfect? No, of course not. Neither is ChatGPT. But it’s “good enough” for what I need it for, and it certainly could be “good enough” for many other users.

What’s the gain of a LLM for a virus? Well that… is a little more esoteric. It’s about as esoteric as encrypting hard drives. Crypto malware isn’t always a virus either. Imagine a LLM in a virus used to determine if a given file’s content is worth extracting from the device. I haven’t yet figured out all of the side ventures but I can see a use for it.


I don’t get it, you didn’t say “in the future” you said it is that now, it’s the premise of the entire comment. We aren’t in the future. It’s not used in mobile apps that much yet because it’s not at all reliable or fast… Or cheap. It’s incredible technology. But it’s not ready for the things you described


I think it will be fine as long as we don’t give the AI thumbs.

thebardingreen, avatar

Corporations gonna profiteer. Capitalists gonna exploit. “Visionary business leaders” gonna turn out to be dirt bags when you dig into them (Google Annie Altman).

And “we” keep falling for it and putting up with it en masse, unto our collective doom.


(Google Annie Altman).

Cue the “I didn’t even read your fucking post” guy.

I only had a whole ass paragraph dedicated to her.

AdrianTheFrog, avatar

This should not be a surprise to anyone


Money is the catalyst to our own demise. By hook or by crook (ha!) greed and pride will crush us eventually unless extreme wealth is curtailed. The imaginary system of beans and shells that we arbitrarily follow is destroying us in fast motion.

sgtnasty, avatar

Lets be thankful we have commerce, buy more, buy more now and be happy… - Om

TheAnonymouseJoker, avatar

Everything was clear enough for people like me, when we knew every possible public service and API was being abused to scrape data for OpenAI LLMs. Shit was never “Open”, just like USA is not a democracy. Fucking shithole country with ultracapitalist leeches and the world’s best media propaganda machinery is what it is, and there are plenty of Sam Altmans, Zuckerbergs, Steve Jobses and Larry Pages in there, while real people like Steve Wozniac get sidelined.

Capitalists give 0 fucks about anything other than MOAR money. That includes innovation and tech advancement for our species. Only a socialist framework could give 2 hoots about such grand goals instead of resorting to leeching the public content makers for 0 pennies. Many artists, writers, musicians, programmers and other creative people will either stop working and stop making the public domain richer, or they will Patreon and copyright the hell out of everything they make, either way we lose because nobody got paid respect, and only LLM corpo leeches became rich.


MLs trying to pet a baby duck without America bad:

TheAnonymouseJoker, avatar

Liberals (rightwingers in sheep clothing) trying to not shit on leftists for once challenge (impossible) (soul shattering)




I think that ship sailed when ChatGPT dropped and a ton of journalists instantly lost their job. No need to speculate, it’s already happening.

jtk, avatar

AI isn’t the danger, it’s human application of “AI” that will be horrible as fuck.


It often seems to be… ‘Gee Brian, that’s a great invention! I wonder how we can kill people with it’, the thought having germinated in a slurry of greed and self interest. (Apologies for the slightly jaundiced view of our betters and elders, it comes with age.)


Oh yea. If fascism doesn’t kill us, AI will. We’re all fucked and we’ve known it since skynet entered the American psyche.


I wish everyone would stop with this AI going to kill us thing. It is bad as claiming that the particle accelerator at CERN was going to create a black hole.


Not now, not in the current state of machine learning. And also, I don’t think it would happen intentionally like the sci-fi scenarios. But I think the gray goo hypothesis very plausible if we reach some kind of true AI.

Which is not the case yet, LLMs are just autocomplete systems, very powerful for sure, but just that.

For now, the main concern should be economy and social disruptions caused by the use of such tools… And the current climatic apocalypse.


Gray goose another bit Hollywood made up nonsense. It doesn’t matter how intelligent an artificial intelligence is it still has to abide by the laws of physics.

You cannot have exponentially increasing production without also having exponentially increasing energy requirements to sustain that production. Anyway converting the whole world into nanobots is like the least useful format for most of the materials to be in.

Anyway I don’t subscribe to the theory that just because an entity is more intelligent than us it will necessarily want to do anything bad to us. An AI is unlikely to become self-determining because it’s underlying programming will limit its capabilities.

The paperclip problem is possible (especially Facebook or Twitter are the ones to implement it), but skynet, no chance.

vzq, (edited )

They grey goo apocalypse already happened.

The whole planet is covered in self replicating machines.


At this point I think it’s safe to assume that if a business is doing something, they’re doing it for money no matter what else they say. And while OpenAi is a ‘non-profit’ the board is made up of almost all business folks who are gonna behave the same way regardless of the venue.


Once they saw the big stack of money, they suddenly forgot that OpenAI’s charter specifically mentioned preventing AI to benefits select fews and instead hands over everything to Microsoft on a silver platter.


Perhaps we should actually do some research and not use Hollywood movies as our reference?

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