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What is a term to describe expressing one's opinions with links and memes instead of words?

My views on things often differ from those in my social circle. I am often bombarded with article links and videos from people with no words of their own attached. It is very easy to send a link. It takes a bit of effort to form a coherent paragraph expressing a single thought....

Middle-aged and some what tongue tied (medical condition) anyone else in this situation, and go through with the procedure?

I’m a middle aged guy, who, a few years ago, was off handedly told by a dental hygienist while getting my teeth cleaned, that I was tongue tied. I’ve had a flap of skin under my tongue which holds it down, it isn’t severe, but it does restrict my tongues mobility. For instance, I can’t really stick my tongue out very far...

A question for the "vegan/communist" sphere of influence: is child adoption just not a thing?

I would be here all night if I asked the Lemmy crowd every question I had, but one thing that always has stood out to me is what’s on the tin. Call me one of those childfree peoples for asking it how I did (note ahead of time that I do not judge people who have kids, I just find the alternative better), but it’s a topic...

how do i delete the data from an uninstalled android app

i deleted an app and chose to keep its data saved, then i installed a newer apk. it asks me if i want to ‘update’ rhe app, not ‘install’ it. i select to update an app that isnt even installed and it then says it cant due to ‘App not installed as package conflicts with an existing package.’ so to re-cap, i saved the...

hanukkiah and menorah, Mandela Effect? (

I’m 62 years old and I just heard about the Hanukkiah for the first time tonight on puppy dog pals. What the heck? How can I live my entire life and never have heard of this. I’ve been around plenty of Jewish people and we talked about Hanukkah plenty of times. I’ve known about the menorah. I’ve known about the dreidel....

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