Elevator7009 ,

Hi! Really loved r/otomegames but I messaged the mods and they are not planning to move off of Reddit, so I'm happy @Catch42 made this community for those of us fleeing Reddit.

Catch42 ,
@Catch42@kbin.social avatar

@Elevator7009 Glad to have you here! When I was deciding to move to the fediverse, I knew that I couldn't go if I didn't have a space to talk about otome games. Since there wasn't already a community here, I figured I might as well be the one to make one. :)

Elevator7009 OP ,

@Catch42 In case you’re interested in other Fediverse otome communities, there’s also [email protected].

I hope my recent activity doesn’t read as spammy—I just want to increase engagement and activity of this magazine to help it grow. Starting communities is hard ;-;

Catch42 ,
@Catch42@kbin.social avatar

@Elevator7009 No, you've been the opposite of spammy!

Catch42 , (edited )
@Catch42@kbin.social avatar

@Elevator7009 I've just noticed that not all of your posts are appearing to me when you make them. Some of them are delayed by a few days. I'm guessing it's a federation issue that will be sorted out as time passes. Just thought I'd let you know, so you know that people aren't intentionally ignoring you.

Elevator7009 OP ,

@Catch42 Oh yeah you’re probably right about that. I made a post to a different community and it never federated over to lemmy.world, its home community, after 2 days. I ended up giving up and making a Lemmy account in order to post there.

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