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Stage of Play, September 14, 2023 games.( Avatars Frontiers of Pandora, Ghostrunner II) (playstationcouch.com) Portuguese

Continuing the games from the Stage of Play( read the previous post) they announced Avatar Frontiers of Pandora and it looks stunning. Change from first person to third person either as a soldier or a Navi and explore the beautiful world of Pandora in this open world and take back your land or gain it for the humans.

Anyone still active here?

Wondering if I’m the only one still checking this magazine—I think we may have lost participants because they just stopped using the Fediverse in general. If you see this message a few months from now and want to be active, @ me with @[email protected] (I swapped instances) and see if I reply. I don't see a point in...

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