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Thanks for the shoutout! The community is growing slowly but steadily.


Glad to hear it’s growing. I’ve noticed you’re pretty much the only contributor, aside from my question the other day that pretty much duplicates an introduction question from your welcome post. I’m not too sure what to post as I don’t spend too much time staying up-to-date with the latest Broadway news—I mostly exist in my own little theatre community where I spend most of my time working on our current show.

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Having your own little theatre community is cool. What show are you working on?

There's a "90-9-1" rule when it comes to social media: 90% of people lurk, 9% contribute sometimes and 1% contribute regularly. I think the Fediverse musicals community needs to grow at least ten-fold, and maybe more, for it to reach critical mass, so it'll take some more time till we get there. Will keep plugging away in any case (time permitting) with news links, until there are enough people for it to become more discussion-oriented.


Something Rotten!

I feel like the only humor the show has is sex jokes and theatre references. As someone who enjoys both, as someone whose favorite line in the show is “don’t be a penis, the man is a genius,” it gets grating. The references are especially grating in “It’s a Musical”. In that song, a few references are done elegantly, but most just sound like someone took random clips from their favorite musicals and set them in sequence with no regard to how well they flow together.

Also, the vocal music in the back of the libretto has some mismatches with the piano/conductor score. Incredibly irritating.

All the songs are catchy, though, and the Keyboard I part is pretty easy for me.

I try to contribute to the Fediverse for communities I care about, and am doing my best to post frequently without being annoyingly spammy.

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I saw Something Rotten a few years ago and, to be honest, don't have a strong memory of it. I do remember that I enjoyed it, but wasn't blown away by it either. I think it might be a show that works (even) better if the actors are good, and Brian d'Arcy James and Christian Borle are both very good and capable of elevating any material they're given.

I imagine the vocal and piano/conductor scores get out of whack in the mad rush to opening night (when I imagine lots of last-minute changes were made). Although I'm surprised they didn't take the opportunity to fix the scores for the US tour that followed the Broadway run, or for general licensing. I think there's a Q&A section for each show on the MTI website, perhaps someone there can help resolve any inconsistencies?

If you're playing Keyboard 1, are you also musical directing?

I try to contribute to the Fediverse for communities I care about

Same. I actually stopped posting to reddit almost entirely a few years ago (I was spending waaaay too much time on the site), but I'm intrigued and excited by the idea and potential of the fediverse, so am trying to do my little bit to help it grow. Hopefully the fediverse will become big enough for even niche communities (such as the musical theatre one) to become self-sustaining.

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Yes, I'm also music directing! I really enjoy doing that. I actually wanted to make m/MusicDirectors and m/TheatreKeyboardists, but the community for both of them on Reddit is already so tiny I figured I'd be the only user of them at all on the Fediverse. I also private messaged the owner of r/MusicDirectors and the owner of r/TheatreKeyboardists on Reddit about possibly migrating to the Fediverse and neither of them ever got back to me :(

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I hadn't even realised that those two subreddits existed! I know what you mean though - /r/musicals and /r/broadway both have around 100,000 users (give or take, and with a lot of overlap no doubt) but only a tiny fraction of those are currently in the fediverse. It'll take time for the ecosystem to become large enough to sustain smaller groups.

Time, and maybe even more dramatic actions that alienate the reddit community. A lot of people compared the recent influx of people to lemmy/kbin to the great digg exodus back in 2010, where a lot of people (myself included) jumped over to reddit. But the controversy around 3rd party reddit apps, major though it was, just didn't have the same level of impact. The key difference I think was that the changes to digg impacted everyone, but the changes to reddit affected only those people using 3rd party apps, which are only a small fraction of the total reddit user base.

Emotional_Series7814, (edited )

Honestly, I didn’t care about the loss of 3rd party apps. My experience on the official Reddit app was always smooth. What I didn’t like was the way Reddit treated the protesting subreddits, mods, and users; and how blind users were going to be affected by the loss of 3rd party apps. I know Reddit said something about how they would work on accessibility features and leave 3rd party apps open if they were accessibility-focused. Here’s the reply to that on

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