Doing fine.

Author of The Taoist Hedgewitch, Ancient Antifascist, and Seer.
Random content about finance, current events, technology, climate, herbalism, gardening, and of course witchcraft. Sometimes I share prophecies and personal insights.
I am a priest of Baphomet, the Goddess and the Fey, I dance with Pan day by day. That's all I have to say.
it/they because I'm barely human and share myself with spirits.

She/her :blobcatheartlesbian: former software dev now writing words for money and/or fun and/or survival. Some content may disturb you. I may and may not follow back, follow-backs great but not an expectation, it's fine.

I write long-form on my Federated WordPress blog. You can follow that separately by following And if you want to support me or this instance, I have a patreon. ([email protected]

Poorly designed, high functioning automations

Making the world a better place, one genetic experiment at a time.

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