AaronMaria ,

I can hear this text

Exusia ,
@Exusia@lemmy.world avatar

“And then half the time these asshole NPCs fail to acknowledge I finished the questline! I put in the time let me use my new title! It’s like a shittier skyrim where I’m already the archmage of the college AND leader of the secret death cult. What can’t these fucks realize I’m doing these quests! At least in CONTRA my achievements added up and they acknowledge my accomplishments! That’s right, all roads lead back to fuckin Contra.”

InEnduringGrowStrong ,
@InEnduringGrowStrong@sh.itjust.works avatar

Pay to win garbage

detectivesniffles ,

your reward for finishing the transition questline is getting hit with a public opinion malus with the traditionalist faction

Kiwi_Girl ,
@Kiwi_Girl@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

The double jump is pretty neat though. Guess it’s worth depends on your playstyle.

detectivesniffles ,

psa: double jump is still used as evidence against trans people in many regions of the map

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