Nobody upvote this please


i upvoted this because of you


Noooo! It was right at 196!!!

Now I might as well upvote lol

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I love sex,but my gods is it highly overrated by society


That’s how I learned I was ace. After my first time I thought “what’s the big deal about it?” Thought about it for a few months, and realized that not all ace people are sex adverse or even try to avoid it.

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I’m literally married, but I sometimes feel like my husband and I may both be on the ACE spectrum. He’s the only person I seriously dated in my life, and we’ve been together more than a decade. I never felt strongly attracted to anyone in that way until I got to know him.

Sex is great, but I’d say there are other facets of our relationship that we value even more.


“sex” is a mass noun like paper. It’s not countable so it’s “one more piece of sex pleeeease”

Zagorath, avatar

It is an uncountable noun, but it’s more like water. So you ask for “one glass of sex please”, or if you’re feeling particularly spicy “one jug of sex please”.

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