SnotFlickerman, (edited )

This explains all the sexy Sonic the Hedgehog fanart.

Only difference is instead of pie, it’s chili dogs.

Otherwise, Sonic technically checks all boxes.

EDIT: Just came across this. I rest my case:

Sonic is in spot #6, two spots ahead of Mario and is one of two males in the Top 10.

ummthatguy, avatar

Good ol Brian Huskey.


Chili dogs are really just a savory pie.


“Chun Li - Fortnight” makes me sad. Chun Li is from Street fighter.

It’s like if they said “Pikachu - Super Smash Bros” instead of Pokemon or something, or Samus - Super Smash Bros


people who know what they’re doing aren’t searching for game characters on fuckin pornhub that’s why


Gardevoir lol

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