I wonder how much actual cash those billionaires have. Probably not that much more than millionaires (like one order of magnitude more, not three-four). All those billions are actually assets they own, not money.


You know, it’s kind of like this with land. Laws around Adverse Possession (Squatter’s Rights) are basically the legal framework for taking possession of land when someone has so much land or are so absentee that you can use it without them noticing. Generally, if you you can use their land openly and they don’t challenge you, after a set period it’s yours.

Don’t know how this would work with money, but it’s interesting that you can legally take someone’s property if they have too much to manage it properly and you need it.


Sometimes I think it’d be funny if there were a single billionaire on Lemmy watching us make fun of them. Google says there are like 2600 billionaires in the world. I imagine that’s pretty unlikely, tho.

But hey - if there are zero billionaires on lemmy, that means we have ourselves a billionaire-free zone!


Even if they aren’t on lemmy you can bet they follow some anti-capitalist group somewhere, whether it be on reddit or mastodon or somewhere else. It’s definitely a strategy for some rich people to keep an eye on their enemies and what the population say about them

Kolanaki, avatar

You wonder if Zuckerbot 9000 uses Threads? 🤔

He won’t know we’re talking shit if everyone defederates. 😌


The police are thier private security force…


If I was a billionaire I would be down with this challenge but, just like a dragon, expect failure to be fatal. That said, if you succeed I think the rewards should also be great.


If you live in places with lax stand your ground (castle as well I think?) Laws then you can totally do this

Seraph, avatar

Reminder that there are only around 750 billionaires in the US. We can eat them.

Or tax them to hell like they did in the 50s I guess. But I prefer the eating thing.

AlwaysNowNeverNotMe, avatar

Ide rather ax them than tax them.

uriel238, avatar

I think billionaires would typically rather get eaten than lose their gains. Hence the willingness to risk human extinction over number not go up so much.


Fire them from the ballistas


What can you realistically steal that isn’t worth peanuts to them? You could take a car or some jewelry or maybe destroy a building, but their massive hoards are mostly in these intangible things called shares. It only exists on record and it only has value to those who are similarly greedy.

Their life, on the other hand… 🤔

Sheeple, avatar

Bring in the guilotines!


New rule, billionaires must maintain a horde of gold and jewels worth at least 100 million at all times. If it gets stolen they have to make a new one. Anyone can try to steal it, but the billionaires can set lethal traps.

ICastFist, avatar

I suspect the most evil rich assholes would set up explosive traps on everything shiny, so that as soon as you pull it or whatever, it blows up. To add insult to injury, you’ll also have to hear a sermon about how greed is bad and evil.


ironic, isnt it?

sour, avatar

is there game that encourages people to steal from billionaire

LinkOpensChest_wav, avatar

Watch Dogs series (sorta)

But I like the idea. Would make a good RPG scenario.


Hitman has you killing billionaires and militia leaders.

If you want something crusty, brutal and nihilistic, try Cruelty Squad. In that game, everyone is evil, morality is dead, death is only temporary and money rules everything. So go gas a cruise ship to get a single target and don’t feel bad for the other passengers who got liquified in the process, they were probably running crypto scams or diddling kids. Just harvest whatever organs are left and sell 'em for cash. You are a flesh automaton animated by neurotransmitters.

If you want pure thievery, try the Thief series. The original games, not the new one.

ICastFist, avatar

What about Cyberpunk 2077? Can you climb up the megacorp’s buildings and blast the CEOs?


The rich seem to love buying up as much land as possible, so I propose throwing them into volcanos.

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