Hi, I’m Miss Brainfart.

I’m afraid of sharks, with the exception being blåhaj. What could that possibly mean, huh.
(That’s not a hint, I genuinely have no idea)

Lemmings can also find me on Matrix, if they desire to do so for e2ee reasons

I’m just a weird, furry, pan guy (cis he/him). I also have a big, blue username. This is my primary Lemmy account, but I have many others like it on other instances.

Self proclaimed frog expert

Full time dwarf

italian (ew)

she/they i think maybe dunno not sure im such a mess

i love faking being good at programming

protogen af

call me cute and ill be yours

sapphic. hater of capital letters. bunny and cat mum. renn faire enjoyer. theatre kid. squishmallows enthusiast. taylor swift lover era appreciator. marisha ray defender. houseplant addict. multiple social accounts haver.

I do a lot of photography and I share it on my deviant art page.

It’s SFW, don’t worry.

silly little trans girl am into vr/xr tech, linux and privacy mostly


Situationists never die, they’re just remixed.

Have you heard of Monsieur Guy Debord?

she/her my name’s alice, i am the gay critter inside your computer. new pfp fursona art done by me

emergency account:

Just your average translater living in her goth slut era

Ich kann Deutsch erst am Niveau B2 sprechen.

Sounders / Defiance / OL Reign fan
Boston expatriate
Adriana's husband


This account is used by two people! One goes by any pronouns and the other is a she, no need to worry which you’re talking with… Just saying in case two comments by this account look like they were written by different people, WE’RE NOT INSANE!! :) (Maybe a little bit, actually ;P)


Just your average unmarketable, anticapitalist plushie gal. I love games (video games, board games, card games, ttrpgs, etc.) and other nerd shit.

dare to be stupid!

the jerma gif folder (to be updated)

I am pansexual but I am extra gay for jerma

with regards to jermaI am not actually that obsessed with jerma, it’s just one big meme

She / They blobhaj, flag, bisexual

Yuri lover with Touhou brainrot.

He/Him bi guy that shitposts some of the day

30s. Gay. Star Trek lover.

I post using Boost for Lemmy! Also on Mastodon!

Note: Assume I did not make the meme. I just post 'em.

I love programming. i love homestuck. old account on [email protected]. upon learning about’s policy about needing to be over 18, I moved over to [email protected]. To mods, please don’t delete this account. Lock it or something, I don’t want everything here to vanish.

she/her 🏳️‍⚧️

he/him | a loser |

he/him 🏳️‍🌈 • serval 🐆 • software engineer in Seattle

professional software developer, amateur coyote - he/him 🏳️‍🌈

A bisexual nonbinary poster of memes and other things • They/Any

Stay tuned for more useless language facts!

Now i have become dave, homer of stuck

19, bi, autistic, reddit refugee


No matter where you go, everyone’s connected.

A transferee from Reddit. Also the person who does those imgur meme dumps.
  • non-binary, any pronouns
  • high functioning autistic
  • chaosatanist/discordian spiritualist
  • cat parent
  • sometimes I meme dump @mfdieselyon on Mastodon

Hi there!

I’m Oha and I own the place! More about me:

/ˈfʊn.ti/ 🇬🇧 💖💜💙 ♂️ (he/they)

Hi, I’m 21 y/o & I enjoy video games, anime, & food.

Kbin account for [email protected]. Yay!

le mmy

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