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Jakdracula, in rUwUle
@Jakdracula@lemmy.world avatar

Right-click on the video, click on “Loop,” and enjoy UwU

Kattail_, in Cheese rule

sending this to mu mousegirl gf rq

Kattail_, in Crulench

i wanna eat a packing peanut now, i can’t explain why, but unironically the texture is fire

cheeseblintzes, in uncomfortable
@cheeseblintzes@lemmy.world avatar

Oh hell nah

grendel, in Stolen from imgur rule

I wonder how much actual cash those billionaires have. Probably not that much more than millionaires (like one order of magnitude more, not three-four). All those billions are actually assets they own, not money.

wafflez, in Flag rule

ima firin mah lazarrr

Kolanaki, in the future rule
@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

Invest in the past, eliminate the future!

Wilzax, in the future rule

This is more internet funeral than internet funeral has been lately

hex_m_hell, in Brenda rule

While I like the sentiment, it’s not entirely true.

You can’t convince people to change their core beliefs. That’s not how deprogramming works anyway. Cult deprogramming starts by asking them to explain and asking questions that let them unravel the problem themselves. Pointing out people’s internal contradictions tends to reinforce them, but when they run in to their own contradictions those absurd beliefs tend to unravel.

SmoothOperator, in Formerly Rulestine

Does being a Jewish Palestinian somehow make you Israeli? What then if you’re a non-Jewish Israeli? 🤔

@alexiascylding@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

zionists seem to ignore that jewish palestinians exist. frankly if you read about the discrimination faced by mizrahi jews (descendants of jewish communities from north africa and the middle east) it seems clear that Israel doesnt care about all jews but more specifically ashkenazi jews. Not saying those are the bad guys or anything but the government of Israel clearly favors them in a systemic way similar to how white people are favored in europe and north america

bobs_monkey, in Formerly Rulestine

It’s almost as if different groups of people have been fighting over the same smidge of land for a really long time.

@alexiascylding@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

“then they had a bunch of crusades, some of them almost didnt fail”

miss_brainfart, in rule
@miss_brainfart@lemmy.ml avatar

Damn, that’s an old classic at this point

AaronMaria, in Rule

I can hear this text

Gormadt, in Flag rule
@Gormadt@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

That’s a good looking flag

My state is rocking the boring ass “seal on a bed sheet” look

@spicytuna62@lemmy.world avatar

If Oklahoma took the big “OKLAHOMA” off the bottom of the flag, we’d have a fairly kickass flag and there’d be something good to say about this shithole. It’s not exactly Texas or New Mexico, but this state has a lot of history (especially with the tribes) crammed into a short segment of time so the symbolism is there. It’s a complicated flag for a complicated place.

Prior to 1941, this is how the flag looked


And it’s so significantly better. It’s unique and truly representative of this place. Nobody is confusing this flag for another, except maybe for the blue field.

But hey, Tulsa’s new flag is pretty great.



My state has the same.

At least my city flag rocks.

Napain, in Scott the Rule

american 90s joks are always so goofy to me

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