Scott the Rule ( )

Image transcription: a cartoon taking place outside an American high school. A stereotypical jock jabs a spectacled nerd (who bears a resemblance to the YouTuber Scott the Woz) while two of his other peers smirk from behind him. The jock states “Holy shit it’s Scott the woz”, the nerd responding “Hey all, Scott here”....

Protogen: A Community dedicated to everything Protogen and Primagen related ( )

An SFW community dedicated to sharing artwork of or having discussions about Protogens and Primagens, as well as occasionally species and fursonas which share similar traits (i.e. synths). Protogens are a cybernetic species in the furry fandom created by user Koinu....

Kicks' Birthday Drawing (OC) ( )

I made some lineless art of my plushie Kicks for his birthday today! I also learned a little more about Kicks’ character and tried to incorporate some of those elements as icons for the background, such as the ladybug for enjoying nature, the bow for Sagittarius, and the shoe + handbag for elements of his buisness.

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