What is general practice for installing games from outside Steam? (kbin.social)

PC/Linux/Steam Noob here. I just got a game from GOG and I’m seeing tutorials mention Heroic, Lutris, and Wine via ProtonUp-QT as methods to get non-Steam games installed and running on Deck. Which method would you consider the easiest and most reliable for content from GOG, Ubisoft, Epic, etc…

Dragging out my old account for this: looking for Kbin instance with active admin that is running Kbin and not Mbin (kbin.social)

I started on kbin.social with this account, then moved out to kbin.cafe to try to avoid overloading the flagship instance and help out with decentralization. Then the admin went inactive, so I fled to kbin.run. This is active and I am satisfied, but it is also running Mbin, a fork of Kbin. I'd like to try regular Kbin again, but...

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