Does this exist anywhere?

It’s there a site or resource where, as a Canadian, I can pay an American to buy something for me and ship it to me? I know there are lots of international shipping resources, but the item I want isn’t sold online, so I would need someone to physically purchase it before shipping it to me. Sorry if this is a stupid question!

New Yorkers march on Wall St. to demand an end to US funding of Israel : Peoples Dispatch (

People in New York City once again took to the streets to demand a permanent ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza and an end US aid to Israel. Protesters marched from Foley Square to NYC City Hall, Wall Street, and Washington Square Park to raise their demands. The protest took place as the United Nations Security Council was...

Avoid this stuff at all costs lol (

DMC S471. It’s described as “satin” but it looked metallic to me. Either way, this stuff is awful. It frays like crazy leaving granny smith colored green fuzz everywhere. It’s slippery and tries to unravel even after you have it stitched into the pattern. It twists around on itself to the point that it acts like it has...

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